Still needing our prayers...

I texted back and forth with Pam, Emily's mom last night. Emily had a doctors appt with her surgeon yesterday and he said she had a "serious surgical infection". I won't go into details but once again I ask for you to keep them in your prayers. Emily is home, but weak and having to be extra careful! Her incision has been opened in order to let things "drain and heal" so they will be giving it special attention for the next several weeks. I just ask you to continue to pray to our Heavenly Father for him to shower down on Emily an extra dose of healing from this surgery and to take Crohn's away from her body!! I know Emily and her family are so thankful to each and every one who is lifting her name up! I also ask for a God to give Gordon, Pam and Dave a huge dose of energy and endurance!!

We love you Trices and Machts!!!

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Lisa Maloney said...

Mary Kay, still praying for Emily and her family. Love, Lisa