A little getaway...

Larry and I escaped from Abilene last week. The good thing is we got away, the bad thing is we weren't able to find cooler weather. I am so very thankful for the a/c in the pop up camper. If you know us very well, you know we are neither big fans of the heat. Why do we live in Texas? Hmm...good question! Normally we will escape to cooler country, but this week off came up very quickly and we made a quick and maybe not so smart decision to go to Broken Bow, OK to Beaver Bend State Park. Larry had been to this area when he and Zach took a fly-fishing trip there once...when Zach turned 16. So, a few years ago! Also, they went in November. November would be a better choice. Actually, I think September or October would be a good choice...there are lots and lots of trees...and thus I am sure the changing of colors would be incredible. Plus, fewer campers. This probably sounds like we are camping snobs. We don't mean to be, we just don't like a campground that is crawling with people. We go to get away...to enjoy nature noises...not people noises. Are we snobs? If so, I apologize. Camping to us is all about cool weather, quietness, enjoying God's country, hiking and fishing. You can do all of that at Beaver Bend, but in the summer it is HOT, HUMID, LOUD and they don't practice "Leave No Trace" there. They may try, but they aren't winning the battle. Larry and I were both so discouraged with the amount of trash that was left by the streams and rivers. Come on people, if you haul in a six-pack to keep you company while you fish, that is your business, but really...it was a lot heavier to hike in with it then it would have been to hike out with your 6 or 12 empty beer cans. OKAY, I am now stepping off my soap box. Sorry...I was really just going to post some pictures of our trip. This is a beautiful area---tall trees, lots of variety of trees and some pretty rivers (minus the trash!). We did not have good luck fishing but I did get THREE books read while we were there. That is more books than I have read all year. I love to read and was reminded on this trip of just how much I love to read. I wish I could be a disciplined reader...like have a book around my house that I pick up and read a chapter or two a day. But bottom line is, if it is good...I am worthless. I just want to read. :) I will post the book titles on another entry...just in case anyone is looking for some good reads.  Now, on to some of the fun "snaps" I took last week.

My sweet fly-fishing buddy

A red headed woodpecker-that was CRAZY loud and we laughed so hard at the amount of wood that fell on our campsite by this little guy...he was busy!!!
Hiking buddies

Can't you just imagine this with all the trees in blazing fall colors...ahhh.
 Pretty little water falls
 TALL trees-don't you like how I tried to give you a visual of really how tall the trees were!
I was intrigued by all the rock formations...layers upon layers of rock. Pretty cool!


karen said...

If your pictures could talk, they would tell of a couple in love, enjoying a few days by a rippling river and greenery that reached to the heavens. The pictures are stunning. Glad you had a getaway, but hope you get to enjoy some cooler temps in the near future

Kim W. said...

So glad yall had a good time! LOVE the picture of yall holding hands...yall are just the sweetest. Definitely a good example of a loving husband and wife. Very thankful for the examples you set; I take notes often! ;) We love yall. PS. I wish I loved to read...I always fall asleep! Ha!

annalee said...

soo sweet/fun/awesome/etc/etc. thanks for motivating us to always remember to take trips together!

Ashley said...

I love your pictures! Hate that it wasn't cool & exactly what you were hoping for, but so glad you got to get away & see some pretty country! Love you!