Those little hands...

I never want to forget this. I know from experience of watching our own kids quickly growing up right before my eyes...I am once again reminded of how quickly that happens. Our grands are growing so fast...getting so big. They have all had little things that tug on my heart strings. This is one of them!
 How those little chubby hands are pretty much all the time holding Mickey...and possible another "friend" is she is so inclined. But always "Gickie Mouse".

The delight over watching Pocoyo before bedtime. 

And the curls and the eyelashes.

 And how if she is busy eating, "Gickie Mouse" can sit and watch her eat. 

And how excited she can get over "Pink" ice cream! :)
It's the small things really, isn't it?

Oh how I love these pictures...

Our dear friend, Gordon Trice, who is an AMAZING photographer, did it again. He took some pictures of Zach and his family this summer when they were in Colorado visiting. I won't share them all...since I have close to 100 but only some of my favorites.  I am always amazed and in awe of his ability to capture the moment and capture each little personality! 
Thank you Gordo!!!!!
We love you and can never thank you enough for all the photos 
we are so blessed to have on the walls of our home!

 Owen-7 1/2, Will-4 1/2,  Zach, Clay-6 and Meg
 "The brothers" as they so sweetly referred to one another
 Cute couple, huh!
And I love this picture!
Thanks Gordon! 
Now to get some ordered and in frames!


Easter...Part Two

The next evening Zach, Meg and the boys came for dinner and an Easter Egg hunt.
It was soooo good to see them! We were so anxious to celebrate with them and also hear all about their trip! We started with the Easter Egg hunt. The boys are always so sweet and excited about the hunt. I decided this year, to make things a little more challenging since they are getting so good at finding their eggs! So, each boy had to look for a particular color and to make things a bit more fun...when they found one they had to carry it with a spoon to their Easter basket. They boys are so much fun and love any kind of challenge or game so they got right into it! It at least made the hunt last more than 5 minutes! We had lots of fun watching them and enjoyed hearing their little giggles!

They had such fun and after they found all their eggs we headed inside for 
our Easter meal. We had such fun sitting, eating and hearing about Zach and Meg's trip. 
They boys opened their other Easter treats and had fun playing (and eating) some of their goodies!

It has been a tradition to take pictures in our backyard on Easter Sunday, so the following Sunday we were so excited that Zach, Meg and the boys joined us for church at Hillcrest and then we went back to the house and took pictures. Oh my...how fun...but these boys are growing so fast and getting so big! It is really hard for me to pick my favorites because there are so many but here are some...
Love this family!!! I also am in love with these little boys ties! This was a first (yep, noticed their father choose not to join them!:) ) No pressure Zach! 
They were so handsome and they were so excited to wear them! Feeling pretty big!

William Texas Knight-Age 5
 This might be a more realistic view of Will...he is such a little "ham"!

Clayton Grant Knight-Age 6 1/2 

 Our sweet little goofy boy! 

Owen Austin Knight- Age 8
 "Joe Cool"
 Getting a good picture of all three at the same time can be challenging...but I always crack up at the expressions...seems like every shot one of them is acting goofy or giving us "the look"! 
 Oh my word...I love this picture...for so many reasons but mostly because this is truly them!!!
And I love them to pieces!!!

Bud, Owen, Honey, Will and Clay...oh how blessed we are!!!!

Easter...part one

We are so blessed to normally be with all our kids under one roof on holidays. However, this time we were a bit scattered. Zach and Meg got to take a trip of a lifetime to Switzerland and France and were just arriving back home Easter weekend. Since Ashley was told that was her last official travel weekend...we just told them to stay at home and let us come to them! Also, they had a wedding they really needed and wanted to attend on Saturday before Easter so we got to do a little babysitting while we were there! We celebrated with Zach and Meg and the boys the day after Easter...but I will start with Easter weekend at David and Ashley's first...

We arrived on Friday afternoon...with a very special delivery. Not only were we coming to celebrate Easter but we also delivered the baby dresser to Hudson's room. Larry has so lovingly built a dresser for each grandchild. Parents were able to pick out what they wanted and he built it. It was exciting to be able to move it into Hudson's room...so Mommy could get things organized! As always, it turned out beautiful and hopefully will be a piece of furniture that will be well used and loved!

We wasted no time before we got busy doing fun Easter things with Emma...
First off we made some Easter cookies and let Emma help ice and shake on sprinkles
which of course she loved. 

 Emma-girl loves to help her mommy cook! And her mommy is so sweet to let her help! So patient!
They have the sweetest little bedtime ritual. 
Bath, brush teeth, read Bible story, say prayers and then Emma gets to watch one 10 minute Pocoyo cartoon (which is such a cute little character!) then the last thing is being tucked in and David and Ashley sing her the sweetest song...I can't remember the name but it's about God's love. 
Love it! That night she sang with them...hearing those three voices singing such sweet words together really warms my heart. 

The next morning, we enjoyed a lovely breakfast casserole that Ashley prepared and enjoyed just some sweet table talk. Then the boys ran to Lowe's to pick up some sand for the Easter Bunny. :)
After they returned Ashley told Emma that the Easter Bunny had come (we decided to hunt eggs on Saturday so Sunday wasn't so rushed!) and I would give anything if I had a video of Emma. This little girl has been asking ever since Valentine's when was the Easter Bunny coming! So, when Ashley announced he had come...the SHEER delight and giggles and jumping up and down that occurred was priceless! We headed out to the yard where she was so precious about each and every egg.

Then we headed to the backyard where that clever little Easter Bunny left some fresh sand for the sandbox and some new sandbox tools!
 A new camp chair
And some new bubbles...which brought her so much joy and laughter!

 Ashley and David left a little later for the wedding and so Bud, Honey and Emma made a Bunny cake and played a lot of fun games before bedtime. 

The next morning, Bud really scored when he went to the local donut store and found donut holes that were painted bunny faces! Oh she was so delighted once again! 
 All dressed and ready for church...giving her mommy a hug!
I love this little girl and she looked so cute in her pale pink Easter outfit!
Honey and Emma-girl 
We enjoyed attending church with them, which was followed with an Easter Egg Hunt for the little ones. Emma had such fun. Then we headed home for a lovely and very yummy Easter lunch that Ashley and I worked on together...fixing lots of our favorites. 
We hated for our time to come to an end but it was time to head back to Abilene.
This was our first time to be at one of our kids for a holiday and it was quite fun. Fun to be in their home and celebrate their little traditions and be a part of their family time.
Thank you Ashley and David for the invitation...we had a really lovely time!

Shower blessings

Ashley and David are very blessed to have such a sweet and loving church family in Mansfield. A group of very sweet friends hosted a baby shower and bless them they did! It was so fun to get to be a part of this special day for them. They certainly showered them with many cute little outfits, diapers and wipes! What a precious group of young ladies. I am so thankful that our kids have such loving church families who love on them and love on our grandchildren as well. We are so incredibly blessed. The ladies did such a cute job of decorating and the food table was filled with yummy treats! Thank you ladies for all the work and effort you went to, to make Ashley feel quite loved and spoiled!

 Sweet group of friends
 Oh how I love this girl of mine. 
One thing missing...we missed Patti, David's mom.
She was home taking care of Joe, who had knee replacement. 
 My very pregnant but adorable daughter

 Cute table. Ashley is decorating the nursery with "vintage cowboy".

 Carhart...Ashley knew when she opened this David would be a huge fan!
 Hudson's first pair of boots!
A little gown and blanket in a vintage cowboy lunchbox...from Bud and Honey 

When we got home it was so fun to get everything out and show David and Emma
and display it all for a picture. How very blessed and honored this day has been!