A little catching up...

Okay, I have a list in my brain of things I need to blog about, but the problem is...when! Things have been quite busy for the Knight family. First of all we took on several new accounts with our business (in case you don't know...Zach and his Dad work together...running a company called So Simple...a facility maintenance and janitorial service). That keeps us hopping but we decided we weren't hopping fast enough so we bought a company, Central Flooring. Long story, and since my time is short, I won't go into all the details. Bottom line, we own a new business, we are learning a lot and somedays just doing good to keep our nose above water! :)But we are excited about this new business, so if you live around Abilene, come see us! We would LOVE to help you with any flooring needs!

One thing that we knew immediately we would have to work on was the actual store. This business has been on Pine Street for 40 plus years, but at least for the last SEVERAL years it has not been updated, etc. SO...we have a lot to do and we are only able to do it in baby steps. For one thing, Saturday and Sunday are the only days we are closed, so that is really the only day we can do BIG projects. Second, money. We are trying to get the biggest bang for the least amount of money right now...after all, we need to see how this little business will fare! Good thing is, we do know a few things about remodel work! We are very fortunate to have one very amazing employee, Pat. Pat has been with them for over 20 years, and she knows her stuff! :) She has been not only wealth of information and help to us...but she is just a precious and sweet lady and a joy to work with. Oh yes, one other thing...she is our sister-in-law! She is married to Larry's oldest brother, Steve. Just another perk!!! We love you Pat!!!

Back to fixing the place up. We have SO much to do but as I said...it is one step at a time. First thing we attacked was the customer/employee bathroom. I could tell you how nasty it was but I think I will just let the pictures speak...and they speak rather loudly! One project down...ten million to go!
Before...yes this is a company that sells tile! :)

After...see what a little tile and paint can do for a place! :)

Before...one more view.

After...I am loving those glass tiles!

Because the list is rather long of things to do...we are really trying to be smart about the money we spend on these projects. I am saying this because I think as homeowners we are all wanting to get the most bang for our buck! I love how this little project came together. In cleaning out the back room and storage sheds, we found a lot of odds and ends of tile. It was my goal to use those tiles. We were able to use one tile for the floors and up the walls and then a smaller tile as a border. The only thing we purchased were the glass tile and even then we took the 12" pieces and cut them into strips and got "more mileage" out of each piece! The sink...found it at our local Habitat for Humanity Store! Score!!! The commode looks like new once a little elbow grease was applied! :) Then I shopped Hobby Lobby for several weeks...making the most of the 50% items to put together the final touches. One thing is for sure...we aren't embarrased for our employee or our customers to visit our restroom now!! :)

Many more projects to do...so until later...


A picture is worth a thousand words" Wednesday

Here is a sneak peek into what is happening very soon...Honey and Bud are busy getting things ready!
More to follow on Knight Camp 2011

(This is the t-shirt design our sweet daughter Ashley designed!)


alphabet soup...a b c's of me!

saw this on another blog, thought it could be fun.

{A} Age: 54. can't believe it, don't feel that old, but oh well...it is what it is.

{B} Bed size: king. no other way to sleep. i don't like to be touched when i'm snoozing...sorry larry.

{C} Chore you hate: taking out the trash. mopping our floors...thankfully larry does it for me most of the time. :)

{D} Dogs?: none. our lab, bj, died about a year ago. miss him. not so much that i am ready for my backyard to be destroyed again.

{E} Essential start to your day: coffee and then a shower and then more coffee.

{F} Favorite color: blue

{G} Gold or silver: silver now, though my wedding ring is gold.

{H} Height: 5'2" and eyes of blue!

{I} Instruments you play: none.

{J} Job title: part-time stay at home wife/honey/mom. part-time helper for larry and zach's companies. basically, i help where ever and when ever i am needed.

{K} Kids: two grown. zach, 31 and ashley 28. four grands, 6,4,3 and 18 months

{L} Live: abilene, texas

{M} Mom's name: to me, mom. to my children it was, nanny. my name to my kids, mom. my name to grands. honey

{N} Nicknames: mk, used to be called punkin by my dad.

{O} Overnight hospital stays: babies '79 & '82. thyroid and hysterectomy surgeries.

{P} Pet peeve: being late. rude drivers...maybe that is why they are rude...because they are running late. :)

{Q} Quote: Be still and know that I am God. Psalms 46:10. easier said than done sometimes, but i am trying to listen.

{R} Right or left handed: right.

{S} Siblings: one brother, three years OLDer than me. love you bro.

{T} Time you wake up: 6:00ish, but on occasion when i can stretch it to 7, i feel spoiled.

{U} Underwear: yes. (seriously? why is that a question?)

{V} Vegetable you dislike: i love all veggies

{W} What makes you run late: ha, since that is my pet peeve i try not to let that happen, though having longer hair takes so much more time to get ready!

{X} X-rays you've had done: back, dental, foot, back, ribs. wow, i should be glowing!

{Y} Yummy food you make: larry is in love with my newest attempts at pizza

{Z} Zoo, favorite animal: i am going with monkeys and the adorable baby lion cubs we have right now at our zoo.