31 years ago today...

I gave birth to a 9 plus pound baby boy. Beginning that day, he has brought us such joy. He was such a fun little boy, full of life and energy! Just like his three. From the time he was able to go outside, he loved the outdoors! That love for the outdoors is now being shared with his little guys. We love watching him as a daddy. He is doing an amazing job! Zach is a large statured man, but that doesn't even compare to the size of his heart. We are amazed at the way he lives his life, always doing for others, loves and cares for his family. Sometimes, I worry that he doesn't stop and do much for himself but then that is our son. We hope today though, he will stop and feel the love that we have for him!
Happy 31st Birthday Son! We love you a ton!


"A picture is worth a thousand words" Wednesday

Zachary Austin Knight. If I had a scanner that would work, I could show you 100's of pictures like this...his whole life...he has loved to put things on his head...mostly things too small to fit!


Sneak peek to what I will be doing this Saturday...

It is my hopes if I decorate for Fall...Fall weather will arrive! :)


"A picture is worth a thousand words" Wednesday

Larry and David. October 21, 2006. This is what happens when the boys have too much time on their hands.


A very sweet little party for a very sweet little girl!

As a Mom, I always loved planning my kids birthday parties, so it has always been fun to watch Meg and now Ashley as they plan and throw adorable birthday parties! My two girls are so talented. This past weekend, we were very honored to be the host home for Emma's birthday party! For the past several years, the boys of the family have gone dove hunting on Labor Day Weekend. It has become a tradition. David's father and usually his brother (missed you this year Blake!) come and so Patti, David's mom comes along to play with the girls. Since we were all going to be together, Ashley and David made the decision to have Emma's birthday party while everyone was here...so that all the grandparents and little cousins could attend.

I am SO very proud of Ashley. She did an amazing job on EVERY little detail, as you will see in the pictures!! It was fun to get to help decorate and help her with food prep but the best job was holding and playing with Emma while she worked on things! :) It was such a fun weekend.

Emma was a complete doll for her birthday! She took every thing in with such cute little squeals, oohs and aahhs. She loved all the decorations! She pointed at them and got so excited every time she would come into the dining room! Emma is such a sweet mannered little girl and she was so precious the entire weekend! She is so easy going and just took it all in!! It was a wonderful weekend with family and friends!

So...here are some of the fun details and sweet moments of the weekend!!

My two precious girls!
My wreath, reworked for the party!
Ashley made adorable little signs for everything...adorable!!

The cute little bean bag toss game
Ashley, Emma and Honey
Her favorite part...squeezing the cake between her fingers!
Now that is a sweet little hand!
Precious cousins...Will, Owen, Clay and Emma


Emma Grace is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!!!

Wow, where has the time gone? Today, one year ago, we welcomed another grandchild into our hearts. Emma Grace Snow, like the three before, has just stolen our hearts. We have so many wonderful memories of this past year, watching you grow little girl. You were placed into the loving arms of a wonderful mommy and daddy. We have watched their hearts expand beyond measure. We have seen their eyes opened to the love that God must have for us, that I think you truly understand when you have a child of your own. We have watched them delight in every "firsts" you have made! We love you so much little girl. We continue to pray that God will richly bless your life with good health, good decisions and we pray that you will continue to grow in God's sweet love and always rely on Him to show you His plan for your life!
Here are just a few pictures from our sweet times together through the last year! Love you baby girl!!! (Or as Bud refers to you Tater Tot. Sidenote: Larry has always called Ashley "Tater" so when Emma came, he started referring to her as "Tater Tot").


Happy Birthday to my Man!

Today is Larry's birthday. I day of real celebration for me because I am so thankful that God not only made this incredible man, but then He blessed my life by giving him to me as my soulmate, my best friend, my precious sweet hubby! He is the hardest working man I have ever known. He just gives and gives. He loves God and lives his life that way. He supports me, spoils me, encourages me...and even taught me to fly-fish. Hmm...we need to practice that some more. I can't imagine life without him. As we get older, the more I realize how rich my life has been because of him. I love watching him as a father and grand "Bud". He is so patient and loving with them all! There is two things though, that I would like to thank him for, the sweetest gifts he could ever have given! First, giving me the HUGE gift of being a stay at home mom. We have talked about that a lot lately. Would we financially be in a better place had I worked...for sure. Would we trade being in a better financial place today for that...NEVER! We know we made the right decision!!! I encourage other young mothers and fathers to really consider it. It isn't easy, you might live on beans, potatoes and rice but what you will give your children is unmeasurable! Second, picking up the slack around the house and taking care of things so that I could care for my Mom when she was ill. I will never be able to thank him for giving me the time to literally sit at her feet during those days. My heart is full of talks and moments that we were able to have because of the time Larry allowed me to be with her. Those are moments I will cherish my entire life. So, though today, is your birthday Larry, I want to thank you for the gifts you have given me and our family. Point proven: You are the most giving man I know! Love you babe! I pray that these little boys will always follow in the same steps as their Dad and Bud...and become amazing MEN of GOD!!!


"A picture is worth a thousand words" Wednesday

Emma Grace Snow, 5 months old. Who can resist those cheeks? Seriously, they are too full of sweet sugars!


"A picture is worth a thousand words" Wednesday

William Texas Knight, 2 1/2 years old at Knight Camp 2010. The cutest thing about this picture, other than the fact that he is just so cute, is how he was trying his best to cross his legs. We were all sitting in our camp chairs and Larry had his legs crossed, then we notice Will doing his best to get his little chunky legs to do the same thing! So sweet!