Our traditions...continued

This tradition was started when our kids were very little. Christmas Eve has always been spent with my family. Zach and Ashley would get so excited not only for Christmas but for all the fun that awaited them at Nanny and Pa's house, thus Christmas Eve was a very long day! When they were little, I think about 5 and 2, we began this tradition. It was started to give them a little something to pass the time! But we still do it today, with all the kids, "big and little".

2) The Christmas Eve Morning Hunt

On our tree are small decorative cone-shaped boxes. Each Christmas Eve Morning, those little boxes hold a poem. It is the first "clue" of many to help them find the Christmas Eve Morning Gift. The clue leads them on a scavenger hunt through the house (and occasionally outside in the yard weather permitting) until they finally come to a special treat. When the kids were little it might be an art project, game, Christmas Movie, etc. Of course, the hunt is the popular part of the activity. To add a spin on things we have added challenges to our hunt as the kids have gotten older and wiser! The poems went from giving very direct clues when they were little, to now having to make the older "kids" work and think through the clue. To add to the fun, we always try to do something a bit different. The first Christmas Meg was in the family, we tied the three kids together...so they could "help" her with the hunt, so of course we had to repeat that activity this past Christmas with David. Seeing 4 adults tied together at their wrists and ankles, scampering through the house is a sight to behold! They were laughing so hard but working as a team every step of the way! I am pretty sure David wondered what kind of crazy family he had married into but I think he has recovered! Hopefully! Another memory was when Zach and Ashley were in high school, we tied them back to back...but they quickly figured out that Zach, who was much taller than Ashley could lift her up on his back and run through the house carrying her! As you can well imagine, we have some great pictures that year! Larry and I have more fun planning it and the kids never know what to expect! A few years ago, the kids surprised us with our own hunt! They did a great job on the clues/poems...what pressure! Ha. Last year the adults helped the little grandsons on their first hunt but this year we are thinking they will be able to do it on their own...with all the adults following close behind with camera's snapping! Each year differs slightly, but one thing is always the same. You read the clue as a group, solve the clue together and run to the next location where you will find another clue, and so on and so on. As you can see, our family believes in having fun at the holidays! One thing I have learned...it is more about the activity than the prize!


Introducing William Texas Knight

William Texas Knight
Born November 26, 2007

Just when you think your heart can hold anymore love, it just gets bigger and bigger!Today, we welcomed another grandson into our family and into our hearts! Zach and Meg were blessed with another beautiful son this morning at 7:51. Will entered the world weighing 7 lbs and 13 oz, 21 1/2 inches long and has a head full of dark brown hair. Will and Mommy Meg are both doing great, Dad just couldn't be any prouder and the big brothers, Owen and Clay are quite proud of their new brother. We are all quite busy right now trying to help with the two older boys but I just had to stop and share a few photos of our new pride and joy!

Owen holding his brother for the very first time.
What a precious moment!
Will was making quite a face at Owen, who found it all very funny!

Honey and Will...ahh...what sweet snuggles!


Do you remember?

I don't guess it doesn't matters how old we get...I think we all remember learning to ride a bike. Well, we have been watching Owen over the past few weeks master a rather large tricyle. Bud (Larry) found an all-terain mega-tricyle at a garage sale when Owen was about 6 months old! It seems like forever, Owen would work just to get up on the seat but even with as much determination as he had...his little legs just couldn't reach the pedals. But this fall, with another growth spurt on Owen's part and Bud finally figuring out a way to move the seat up a bit...Owen can firmly plant his little feet on the pedals! Don't you just remember those days...trying to get all "your parts" to work together! Push this foot down, now the other foot, while keeping the bike from running into anything! Yes...it is just a tricycle...and there will be skins knees and elbows when the bike day arrives...but nonetheless Owen could not be prouder of himself! After all, he is now a "Biker-man". This past weekend, he came to the house, instructed me what chair to sit in on the back porch as he perfected his newly acquired tricyle riding skills! Funny how much joy you can find in the simple things in life!

Clay, of course "thinks" he is big enough to do it too...but sadly his little legs have some growing to do. Like I said...this tricyle is big! For now, Clay enjoyed himself perched upon the tractor...because really what's really fun right now is just being about to be outside in the beautiful Fall days God has blessed us with! To make the day complete, we were able to actually sit outside for our evening meal! The little guys got to sit at the new picnic table...it is perfect!


God reminded me through a packet of seeds!

I can't say that I have a green thumb, but I sure try! I love working in my yard...actually I like digging in the dirt! I love planting flowers, designing flowerbeds...yes...I even find satisfication in mowing (though Larry might be shocked to hear this). I normally buy my flowers in those little six-packs...and it is not an quick run to the garden store for me. It takes me awhile. I have to survey ALL the choices, then I must select what type of flower I want to plant and then comes the decision of what colors to plant and if more than once color is needed...what will blend with each other and with what's already in the yard! Yes...it is quite a production! This year, I decided to plant some morning glory seeds that had sat in my utility room for over a year. To say the least, I was "doubtful" they would even sprout, which just goes to show you what little faith I had! I read the directions, plopped them into the ground, covered them up with a little dirt, gave them a little drink and went about my business.

He has taught me a lot this summer...God has sweetly reminded me of His power and goodness through those tiny little seeds...

He has taught me about what can happen when we plant the seed and leave the rest to God. I have been blown away by the display of morning glories I enjoy each morning when I walk into my kitchen and look at the window. Larry had built me an arbor several years ago and I just hadn't found anything that would climb it and also give me a blanket of blooms...well God has once again reminded me of His power!

I even planted some of the seeds on the side of the house, and once again God blew me away!

The lesson has nothing to do with the flowers...which don't get me wrong...they have been a delight. It has been a beautiful reminder of all the ways God provides for us. He has nutured these flowers, watered them, given them just enough sun and just enough shade to flourish...like He does for us each day! He gives us all the right ingredients to live a good life...He provides for us so abundantly! He wants to see us grow!

But what I have been reminded about once again is about the seeds! He wants us to plant seeds in this world so that He can nourish them!

Let us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do NOT give up! Galatians 6:9


Mrs. Snow's First Grade Classroom

I have decided if I could retire...I would divide my time between playing with my grandsons and being a "room mother" in Ashley's classroom! After David and Ashley moved to Mansfield, Ashley begin looking for a new job in a school district that would be closer to home and boy did God find one for her! It is 3 minutes from her house to school...that is unheard of in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! The elementary is called Alice Ponder Elementary and Ashley is teaching 17 precious first graders...okay maybe they aren't precious ALL the time...but who is! My boss sweetly let me go for a few days before school started to help Ashley get her classroom ready!

As long as I can remember, I have loved working in a classroom! First, was my "make believe" classroom, which was in my parents garage. Dad so sweetly hung me a bulletin board and chalk board. I had a "teachers" desk and one student desk...which was enough room...since I was only able to talk one neighborhood kid into being in my class! However, I would like to go on record as saying that Kayla turned out to be the valedictorian of her High School and her mother told my mother years ago that she was pretty sure it was because I worked with Kayla every day! In the summer, "school" was held in the morning, while the garage was still "cool". Once fall would roll around, we would have "our school" as soon as I could get home from REAL school. Kayla was about 4 when I started working with her. I was in the 3rd grade.

At the same time, by second favorite thing to do was help my Mom in her classroom at church. Mom taught the 3rd grade for years and my job would be to get the board covered and put that cool corrugated border around the edge! When I got to middle school age, she would let me be her "co-teacher" during VBS! What wonderful memories I have of time spent studying and preparing for lessons with my Mom.

Then came the years of teaching my own Bible school class after Larry and I married. Now, I have to admit that my most favorite part was getting the class ready and making all the take homes, flipcharts, etc. I would spend hours cleaning the classroom (you know...I had to have every cabinet straight) and designing bulletin boards. Then I moved to "overseeing" the teachers resource room at Hillcrest! (Couldn't have done that without some helpers...like Sherri Luttrell...and so many others!)but it was then that I realized that my favorite part of it all is the supplies! I love art and school supplies. It was no secret growing up that my favorite part of school was getting ready for school...you know the trips to Wal-Mart with the school supply list clutched in your hand! Ahh...picking out the perfect school box, a fresh new box of unbroken crayons (especially when you got to get the "BIG PACK" with the sharper), new pencils, a new eraser, glue, a ruler...of course making sure all the colors matched and coordinated with the box!

So...for Ashley to ask me to help organize her room, put up bulletin boards, put fresh new workbooks in their desk, organize the "Book Nook", etc. It really isn't a sacrifice...though it is HARD work...it is like playing again...back in that garage on North 10th street.

Here are a few shots of Ashley's classroom...Snowville...with it's own Post Office, lovingly built by her Dad.


Builder Bob and Builder Bud

Watching our little grandsons...is kind of like looking back at old family movies. Owen and Clay not only look like their Dad did at this age but they have lots of the same interests. Zach always loved hanging out with his Daddy! If it involved tools...he was a happy camper. At a very young age, he could tell you the correct name for just about every tool in his Dad's toolbox. Owen has the same love for tools and Bud's shop! Recently when he was helping Bud with a little project, he looked up and said "Bud, I am Builder Bob and you are Builder Bud!" Clay and Owen along with their parents, recently gave us a little kid-size picnic table for our backyard. So, Builder Bob and Builder Bud had lots of fun putting it together. Owen loves working with REAL tools!

As you can see by the pictures, Builder Bob and Builder Bud do good work! There is nothing much more fun than seeing a grandson follow in his Dad and Bud's footsteps!


Sweet summertime fun!

Swim time! This summer has been different...in a beautiful way! We have been so blessed with lots of rain and cooler weather! I can't remember a summer I have enjoyed as much as this one...weather wise at least! But the one thing it hasn't allowed much of is swimming...which I personally have given up on...because it would involve putting on a swimsuit and well...I am just not going there! But, I LOVE seeing two little guys in their swimming suits! So, last week, I invited Owen and Clay over for a Swim Party! No, we haven't built a pool in our backyard but thankfully David (Ashley's husband) bought a couple of wading pools for our house because Honey waited too late in the season then couldn't find one in Abilene!

So, I was so anxious to have them over to swim...yes, I realize I don't have many years that these small pools will do the trick so I have to make the most of it! We had such fun! Really, you just can't go wrong when you combine water and being outside with those two little guys! Though Owen was way to busy to spend much time actually in the pool, he sure had fun "watering" everything with the water hose! Clay, on the other hand was content to stand in the pool and pour water from one cup to another. Simple pleasures! Both boys are such complete joys! What better way to top off a perfect swim... but with a flavor-ice!

Clay is hysterical...he latches on to it and hardly comes up for air! I have never seen anyone go after one with such gusto! Boys being boys...they wandered from the fresh clean water to the sandbox and back several times...which lead to a nice shade of brown water before it was over.
In between the sandbox and the pools, they would stop to play on the tractor! Owen informed Clay he was to be "Paw Paw" (Larry's dad) and Owen deemed himself as the "Worker Man" who would fill Clay's trailer up with a mixture of sand and water.
It was another precious memory to store in my heart...time with these little boys reminds me of how good and gracious our God is! I love watching them play together and see their imaginations at work. It was a very special summer treat for this Honey!


Weekend projects

Larry and I had the pleasure of visiting David and Ashley this weekend at their lovely home. We went with full intentions of it being a "home project weekend" which is so much fun for Larry and I to be apart of! We love home projects, so to get to help David and Ashley was such a treat! (I know...we are weird!)

The guys, with some help from the girls, built a new metal building in their backyard to store all those lovely items we usually stuff in our garages...except for the fact that David and Ashley don't have a garage! It was a hot and tedious project...but the result was a fine looking shed in their backyard! What an improvement!

When Larry and I were married, Larry's brother gave us a hutch as a wedding gift. It has served us well but when we built our new kitchen a few years back, we just didn't have a place for the hutch any longer. We stored it in the garage for awhile in hopes that one of the kids could use it someday. Ashley and David gladly took it after they married and though it has served the purpose in their rent house...a place to hold kitchen overflow...it just needed some sprucing up! Ashley do all the sanding and getting it ready for paint and brought it to our house for her Dad to do his magic! So, a fresh coat of paint, distressing and varnishing it...we delivered it to Mansfield this weekend! (You can see pictures on Ashley's blog)

Ashley and I had fun making it even more lovely. Ashley purchased some great paisley fabric and we covered the back of the hutch with fabric to make her china stand out. It looks fabulous! We also covered all the seat cushions to their dining room chairs with the same fabric. It was fun to unpack all the lovely wedding gifts...china, glass and silver pieces and display them in the new improved hutch!

It really is so fun to take something old and give it a fresh and fun look, and even more fun to get to do it with our kids. Ashley and I decided it is much more rewarding than going out and buying something new! Was it a full weekend of work...yes...but it was so much fun to work beside them as they "feather their nest!".

Being a parent, just get more and more fun! We loved when our kids were at home and thought life just couldn't get any better than that. But now, we love helping Zach,Meg, David, Ashley AND playing with grandkids...it just gets better and better! Watching your children grow up and become adults who love making their house a home...that is like icing on the cake!


Boy number three!

Last week we had the pleasure of providing a place for the Pink and Blue Party that Zach and Meg held to reveal to a group of anxious family and friends...what the latest addition to our family would be! In late November, Zach and Meg will welcome their 3rd son! Yippee!! I really just wanted healthy...how can we ask for more! We have been so blessed with two adorable,loving little boys and we look forward to adding to our family another bundle of joy! Can you imagine the fun we will have with these 3 little boys! Speaking of having fun...this year was our first year for Knight Camp, grandparent camp with the "grands". The age limit to attend is two years old. So, this year Owen was the only "camper" but we had so much fun! As usual, the planning was a blast! We designed t-shirts, invitations then moved on to planning the overnight camp-out!
This year we ventured to Abilene State Park, because we knew it would be a blast no matter where we went and for Owen's sake the real treat was it was close...not much car time! We took our pop-up camper but we spent very little time in it other than to sleep because we had so many activities! We fished, hiked, cooked camp food favorites, fished, had craft time, caught bugs and fished. Owen caught his first fish which was great fun and we took a ton of pictures!

We had 2 fun filled days of exploring the campground with Owen.

It is amazing how many rocks and sticks those two little fists can hold! Treasures...that is what Owen calls all of his "neat finds". Speaking of treasures, Larry and I will treasure the time we had with Owen on our first "Knight-Camp". We are already thinking about next year!


To the surprise of many....I am hooked!

Larry and I just returned from a glorious 9 days in cool, beautiful Colorado. We took the pop-up trailer and camped in a perfect little spot, surrounded with tall pines and aspens, overlooking the Conejos River all while enjoying weather in the 70's during the day and 40's at night...life was REAL good!

One of our activities was fly-fishing...and yes...I am hooked! I am certain the funniest part was sharing an activity that Larry dearly loves with him...and now I understand why! I have a MUCH better understanding of how much WORK it is to fish! We did a lot of hiking to reach the perfect spots and so even if the fishing didn't turn out the best, how can you complain when you are surrounded by God's mighty wonders! It was hard for me at times to concentrate on the fishing...being right in the middle of those crystal clear streams, surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and the trees...all those amazing trees! But I am happy to say that I DID catch fish and it was a blast! We did a lot of hiking, reading, relaxing, eating (we made a mean Chicken Pot Pie in the Dutch oven followed up by a delicious Peach Cobbler!) and just enjoyed our time together!

I have decided that Meg, Ashley and I need to strap on our waders and have some fishing stories of our own! Boys...watch out!

I have already caught Larry looking in catalogs...searching for me some "cute" waders! Ha!


"Our" little guys

I always heard that grandkids were more fun than your own kids. I hate to admit it but each time I heard that comment, I thought to myself, "You don't know my kids, I can't IMAGINE it being more fun than being a parent". I guess my whole life I wanted to be a Mom, I really felt like I was in my element. But, now I have to admit that "they" were right. Having grandkids is so much fun! I keep trying to figure out how it is different. Bottom line...there is no pressure...just fun. You just get to love on them and you aren't concerned about the house, meals, laundry, bills, etc. You are just enjoying and relishing in every single moment. To hear Owen call out "Honey, you wanta play ball wif me?" Ahh...music to my ears. Or Clay with those precious chubby little hands and big blue eyes to reach out for me...yeah...life just can't get much better. So, to all those "grandmothers" I doubted, forgive me! I am trying my best to pass the word on to those who haven't experienced grandparenting yet...but then again...it is just one of those moments you have to experience it to believe it!


In the beginning...

Hello! Well, it seems I have been drawn into the blogger world. I love reading others blogs and so I decided to start my own. With Ashley's help, we set up my blog and now it has hit me...what will I say???

Maybe I too shall start at the beginning of "my" story, though I think I will need to make it somewhat short and sweet...because I fear it will be quite boring!

My life begin October 16th, in San Angelo, Texas at Shannon Memorial Hospital. From what I have been told, I was fortunate to be born in the hospital. It seems my sweet Mom had gone to the hospital on several occasions only to be sent home...false labor. So, she resolved she wouldn't go back until it was the "real thing". She was having pretty solid labor pains but decided instead of going to the hospital, she would instead go have her hair done...I mean after all...she wanted to look good! Well, I believe she had everyone in the salon in a panic before they got her hair fixed and delivered her to the hospital! Good to know she had her priorities in place! Ha! No fear...she had it under control! She had a good looking hair style and then had a BIG baby girl with quite a unruly hair style of her own!

Though I lived in San Angelo and Odessa as a baby girl, my first memories take place in the same town as I live in now...Abilene. My growing up years were fun and carefree for the most part. I was blessed to have two loving parents, a great older brother and lots of precious family and friends. We attended Woodlawn Church of Christ and it was there I made life-long friends and wonderful memories...and it was there I met my sweet husband, Larry. His family also attended Woodlawn, so though I knew him from a young age, it was my sophomore year in high school when I "really" noticed him. We dated through high school and were married a year after I graduated.

We bought our first home, a few months before we married on a "sweat equity" loan...and boy did we sweat! That house went from a slum to a very cute starter home. We lived there for a little over a year, sold it and built a house in the big town of Hawley! Two years later, God blessed us with our first child, Zachary Austin and though we both wanted children...I truly don't think either of us realized how much fun being parents would be nor the blessings God had in store for us! Three years later, we again were showered with God's love as we welcome our second child, Ashley Jo. Our little family was complete! We lived in Hawley, until the summer before Zach was to begin kindergarten at which time we desired for our children to attend schools in Abilene. We sold the house and moved into a duplex days before school started. A year later we bought the house that we still lovingly refer to as home! It has been a house filled with love, laughter and many coats of paint! I quickly realized how much fun it was to fix up and change things and luckily I have a husband who is not only a very talented carpenter but sweetly goes along with my decorating whims!

I remember so many older women telling me "enjoy your kids...they grow up way to quickly" and I am here today to say...they weren't lying! It seems like we blinked our eyes and they were graduating from high school and headed out to make their own path in life! We prayed from the time we held them in our arms, that God would raise up spouses for them that would love them, help them in their walk with God and that "fit" into our family...and He answered that prayer twice...in much larger ways than either Larry or I could even imagine. Zach's wife Meg and Ashley's husband David are not only an answer to prayers but just go to show us that God had it planned out and set things into motion in His own perfect timing for both Zach and Ashley. We could not be more blessed!

Then came another huge blessing! GRANDKIDS! Well, once again we have been blown away by God and the way He lavishes blessings on this family. We currently have two precious grandsons, Owen and Clay and Meg and Zach have another child in the oven! "Sweet Bun" will join our family later in the year. The little guys have not only stolen our hearts but bring an incredible joy to our day to day life! We are so very blessed to have our "grands" only minutes away from us!

Well, there is a quick (though probably not quickly enough!)glimpse of my life! Now, I can either add blogs of current news or recall sweet memories and get them in print. Both will be recorded here...hopefully it will be a good place for me to write down memories I want to pass down to my family. I have wanted to write a book for a very long time...so maybe this is the first attempt at a chapter! Until later.