To the surprise of many....I am hooked!

Larry and I just returned from a glorious 9 days in cool, beautiful Colorado. We took the pop-up trailer and camped in a perfect little spot, surrounded with tall pines and aspens, overlooking the Conejos River all while enjoying weather in the 70's during the day and 40's at night...life was REAL good!

One of our activities was fly-fishing...and yes...I am hooked! I am certain the funniest part was sharing an activity that Larry dearly loves with him...and now I understand why! I have a MUCH better understanding of how much WORK it is to fish! We did a lot of hiking to reach the perfect spots and so even if the fishing didn't turn out the best, how can you complain when you are surrounded by God's mighty wonders! It was hard for me at times to concentrate on the fishing...being right in the middle of those crystal clear streams, surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and the trees...all those amazing trees! But I am happy to say that I DID catch fish and it was a blast! We did a lot of hiking, reading, relaxing, eating (we made a mean Chicken Pot Pie in the Dutch oven followed up by a delicious Peach Cobbler!) and just enjoyed our time together!

I have decided that Meg, Ashley and I need to strap on our waders and have some fishing stories of our own! Boys...watch out!

I have already caught Larry looking in catalogs...searching for me some "cute" waders! Ha!


ashley said...

Yeah! I'm glad you are hooked! :) The pictures are beautiful...I want us to go next time!

Brianna Allen said...

Absolutely incredible! I'm glad you got to experience such beautiful country!

Hannah said...

I am so glad you started a blog! You look so cute in your gear! Your pictures make me want to go on vacation and relax some! I also want to read that book now that we talked about. I might save it though in case I get stuck on bed rest for a couple of months!

Chelsie said...

I love the update and pictures. Nothing like being outside in God's beauty to make you feel alive:)!