Summer fun...

I have to admit I am VERY ready for Fall! The heat and I have not gotten along very well this summer. Has it been that much hotter? Or is it me? Okay, you don't have to answer that. But as summer comes to an end, I thought I would share with you some pictures of summer fun around Honey and Bud's house! Our sweet little boys so enjoy the backyard! Between the sandbox, playing ball, the wading pool (which by the way has quickly become to small!) and popsicles...life is good! We are so blessed! We love time with these three little guys! They are so sweet, full of energy and keep us in stitches with their funny words, expressions and antics! As much fun as it has been, we are ready for cooler weather and the arrival of our 4th grandchild! David and Ashley's baby is due in about 2 1/2 weeks!!! YAHOO!!!! Emma Grace Snow...we are so ready to meet you! The other day when the boys were here, we were talking to them about Emma. Here are some of their thoughts:
How much do you think Emma will weigh?
Clay- as much as Will (wow...Will is 18 months old and a big boy, so we hope this prediction is off a bit!)
How long do you think Emma will be?
Owen-37 inches!
What will Emma's middle name be?
Owen- "Her name will be Emma Austin Snow. (Austin is Owen's middle name of course!)
What should David and Ashley do with Emma?
Owen- Just rock and love her!
Who will Emma look like?
Owen- Aunt Allie (Ashley)
Clay-David's Daddy!
What will you do with Emma?
Clay- Teach her to crawl
Owen-Teach her to walk and read her the book "Joe Cinders" (Owen's very favorite book!
I am pretty sure some of these predictions are off but one thing is for sure, Emma will be loved by these three little guys and they are excited! We cannot wait to add a girl to our wonderful little boy mix! We are so excited. Zach and Meg opened our world up when they blessed us with grandkids...and we can't wait to love on David and Ashley's as well! I have thought a lot about my Mom lately. She was a wonderful Nanny to her grandkids...3 boys and 1 girl! Now, it is our turn to enjoy the same...3 boys and 1 girl! We are very excited!! Okay, now on to some pictures!


Nursery accomplished!

Larry and I returned last night from a fun weekend with David and Ashley. We had several things to deliver. First, the cradle. Larry built a cradle before our son, Zach, was born and now David and Ashley's little one will be the 6th child to start life off sleeping in it. Zach, Ashley, Owen, Clay, Will and soon Emma. It's turning into a family heirloom I guess! Second, we were delivering the dresser. Each grandchild has the huge blessing of their granddad, Bud, building them a dresser. The deal is the parents get to select which one they want and Larry goes to work in the shop. The boys have matching oak dressers. Emma's was painted white and is lightly distressed. We got to help out with some other little projects and when we left the nursery was finished! They are waiting for their rocker which is ordered. The clothes are all washed, folded and ready. Here are a few pictures of the room. Ashley is 37 days away from due date...where did the time go??? We are all excited and ready to meet Miss Emma Grace!