A Very Special Trip to Denver for 3 Girls!

In August, Ashley, Emma and I made a trip to Denver. We went to see and help some very dear friends, The Trice's and The Macht's. We have been wanting to go for such a long time but it is just such a long car trip for a little girl. However, one night David and Ashley were searching the Internet and found some tickets that made the trip possible for us! We quickly made a call to the Denver crew, ironed out the dates and quickly booked the tickets! I drove to Mansfield the morning we were to leave, we ate lunch and then made our way to the airport. Emma was so excited but thankfully took a little nap on the way to the airport as it was going to be a LONG day! We checked in, watched the planes till it was time to board. I cannot describe how precious Emma was the whole way. She is such a good little traveler! Ashley had packed lots of new things...stickers, coloring book, snacks, etc and it made the trip go so quickly and our little girl was so entertained! Once we arrived in Denver, Pam picked us up and we headed to their house. One wonderful thing is they live right down the street from one another...I mean it is just a nice little walk between their houses...so Ashley and Emma stayed with Emily, Emmett and Dave while I stayed "up" the street with Pam and Gordon! It was so perfect. They have beautiful homes and you can see the mountains!!! I loved being outside!!! As always, the mountains just always amaze me and make me wish for a home in Colorado! :) Really wish. I hate to say after this summer of heat and no rain...I could sure see myself living in Colorado...or Oregon. :)

We spent 5 days there and were able to help Emily get her house ready for a new baby girl, organize her basement closet, work on fun things for the nursery, play with the kids, etc. Ashley and I had planned a little surprise baby shower for Emily and this sweet baby girl that soon join their family! It was so fun and we totally surprised Emily! Little did we know, that Emily was planning a little early surprise birthday party for Emma! Do you get why we four ladies get along so well...I think we share a brain! The week was super busy and the only down thing was Emily was having some contractions and was put to bed rest! It was so fun because we could all be together and then we could have time where Emily and Ashley had time with their kids to play and talk and Pam and I were able to do the same...talk that is! We also made time for a movie. First we sent Emily and Ashley to see "The Help", then later in the week Pam and I went. If you have not seen it yet...GO NOW!!!! It is so good as is the book!

We were so excited to go and have 5 days but as usual our time together flew and it was time to leave!  We were ready to see our hubbies but at the same time, we hated to leave! We still had so many more things on our "to do list" but I guess we will just have to plan another trip! :)

This family is so very dear to us and it is so amazing to me how we ALL get along so well. I never thought when we first met them, that Emily and Ashley would be so close as there is 9 years difference in age. But then they have always had so many similar interest and now share motherhood together...so they just have really bonded...like sisters! Emma has been blessed with another Aunt! That is how we look at it! Pam is like my big sister too...so as you can see...Ashley and I are both very blessed.

Here are a few pictures from our time together and of some WONDERFUL pictures that Gordon took on our last day there. I had requested a picture of Emily and Ashley but we ended up taking lots and they are all so good! Thank you Gordon...you should really think about doing that for a living! :)

Love you Trices and Machts!!!! We continue to keep you in our prayers and we are pleading to God to bless the last few weeks of this pregnancy, bring a perfect little girl into your family and as always we also plead with God to take Crohns away from Emily!!!

 Emma and Ashley hanging out in the airport
My two sweet girls...it is so fun traveling with them!
 So sweet...watching the planes!

Ha...this makes me laugh. We were trying to get a picture before we took off...I think we really should have asked someone across the aisle!!! :)

We wrote a silly poem, of course, which was a "hint" of what the package held...
we tried to fix her up with some very girly little things.
Emily and Emmett watching "The Letter Factory"...
obviously Emma was to "into her movie" to smile! Ha.
Look Emma, what Emily made for you! Such cute monkey cupcakes!!!
Time to put on our party hats and PARTY!!!
I think Emma liked the cupcakes Pam and Emily!
Playing with Gordon
Hanging out on the porch with Emmett, enjoying some nice cool mountain air! Ahh.

 Emily got out her "My Little Pony' collection and let Emma play with it! I don't think Emma had any idea about how really sweet and special that was!
Sweet Pam having some play time with Emma

And now to the photographers shots...ha...
I don't think I would have had to tell you which ones were Gordon's! Hehe. 
 Emma and Ashley-oh I love this picture!!!
 Sweet sweet friends...Emily and Ashley
 Emily, Emmett and Baby Girl
 Emily, Emmett, Ashley and Emma...ha...we don't need anymore names
that start with EM!!!!! Hehe.
 Emily, Emmett and Pam...precious family
My girls...love this picture too!!!!


My very favorite baker...

Yep, baker not bakery. Though I do love a good bakery! Yummy.
But today is about my very favorite little baker...and she can bake a VERY mean little cake!
She knows just how to pat it out just perfectly...
Then she has very good rolling skills...knowing exactly how much to roll it!
And finally she knows when it is ready to go in the pan..
and she has such a flair in getting it there!!!

So, if you need a cake...
I know a baker that will steal your heart preparing it! :)
Love you Emma girl!!!


Honey's Art Institute

Yep, sounds pretty official, huh! Zach and Meg asked me if I would like to teach Owen and Clay Art this year! Zach and Meg are homeschooling their kids and one day a week they attend a Homeschool Co-Op where they take some special classes. Last year one of the classes was Art, but this year it is Music. Not only will that be such a fun subject for me to teach, it will be such a great way for me to be involved in their homeschooling...in a small way. If you know me, you know I love to do Art Projects! But this will be more than just drawing, painting, etc. We will also be learning about famous Artist and different elements of Art, which is where we started. I am so excited and cannot get over all the ideas I have floating in my head of things to do with them. They have been SO well behaved and we are off to a great little start! Here are just a few pictures from our first lesson, I had them do their self-portrait.

We are pretty excited about all the things we will learn.
I am pretty excited about watching my little budding artist!
We talked about having an Art Show at the end of the year...
I have a feeling we will have lots of amazing art work to show off!
They wanted to know if we could serve refreshments...like a real Art Show!
Also, Owen asked if he could sell some of his pieces! 
Gotta love that boy...he is all about making money right now!
Well it is off to plan my next little lesson...


Happy Birthday Son!

32 years ago today, a 9 pound bouncing baby boy blessed our lives and
he hasn't quit blessing us since then! We are so blessed! 
I choose this picture because this is what makes my heart sing...
seeing him teach his young boys to be great men of God!
This is of Owen a few weeks ago.
Owen has been taking a class at their church to teach the young men to serve communion,
pray, lead singing, even preach! Owen was very excited as he got to serve!
Of course the sweet dads were there to help, if needed. 
Thank you Zach for making family such a priority! We love to watch you as a husband and a daddy!
We love you more than words can say.
Have a great day!


We are still praying...

Emily has been in the hospital again but went home today! Yippee. She went to the doctor on Thursday and was sent straight to the hospital as she had developed a blood clot in her leg. But though she had a roller coaster 48 hours, she has been sent home. We are happy about that..less likely to get any infections! She is still about 5 1/2 weeks from her due date and we covet your prayers for these last few weeks. We are praying for a healthy mom and baby! Thank you for your continued prayers!

"The faster I go, the behinder I get"...

Yep, that would be the quote of my life right now. I know I am not alone in this...life is just busy!
But I must catch up on some journaling...sweet things have been happening and I don't want to forget a thing...just where to start. I think since this is kind of how I feel I am going about things right...I will go in reverse! So...

Two weekends ago we went to Mansfield to celebrate a certain little girl's 2nd Birthday! Yes, hard to believe but Emma Grace is 2 years old!!

Ashley had picked the theme several months ago, it was a pretty easy decision...after all that little girl loves Monkeys! Ashley did an amazing job at making everything look so girly and cute! We had such a great weekend celebrating with our family and with David's family. Emma was such a happy little birthday girl! I could go on and on but I think I will just let pictures do the talking!