Favorite room in my house...my kitchen! After years of planning, Larry and I finally built the kitchen of my dreams. I love everything about it, but the thing I love the most is when the WHOLE family is in there together, cooking, snacking, eating, washing dishes, it doesn't really matter what we are doing, I just love to hear the chatter of our family visiting and sharing life. Of course the aroma of something wonderful cooking doesn't hurt anything either! We love to entertain and God has been so good to us that sharing this home and food cooked in the kitchen just seems like very very small way to give back to Him. I love that our grandsons know exactly where the cookie jar is, love to help "bake" and the conversations that happen during those times are priceless. Thank you Larry for making the "heart of our home" so beautiful! 



The Love of my Life, Larry.
We were high school sweethearts! He is my soul mate. He is and has always been such a great hubby. He loves me, supports me, spoils me, comforts me, makes me laugh and encourages me. He is not only a great husband, but an amazing father and granddaddy or "Bud" as the boys refer to him. He has a heart of gold and will go out of way to help others. We love doing home projects together, cooking together, camping together and as of a year ago, we can add fly-fishing to our list of things we enjoy doing together. Larry patiently taught me how to fly fish last summer while on vacation in Colorado and we are now counting the days till we can go again! He really is such a blessing from God. God knew exactly what kind of man I needed! There are so many things we still want to do together...mostly traveling but it really doesn't matter what or where we are...I am just so blessed to have him by my side! Love you babe!!!


M-Meagan Anne Knight

From the time Zach was born, we began to pray for his future spouse. God gave us everything we asked for and SO much more. Meg is such a precious addition to our family. She joined our family in 2000 and is a complete joy! It is amazing how she just "fits"! After they married, they moved to College Station for Zach to finish his college career at A&M. She worked and was so supportive of Zach while he finished his education. We love her for the commitment she has to their marriage.  She also is an incredible mom to our grandsons. She is such a patient mother, is so creative and makes it look easy! She has so many talents...sewing, cooking, baking, singing, scrapbooking, but above all these she is a Godly, sweet precious daughter in law whom we love dearly! It is so fun to see her and Zach as parents and also see them make time for one another! Thank you Meg for all you do to add so much joy to this family! We love you!


N- Nanny

Nanny to my kids, Mom to me. Fadine Baker Williams was and is still my greatest hero. I lost my Mom 8 years ago to cancer. I have a hole in my heart that can never be filled. As hard as it was to give her up, God really guided me through it. I've never known a greater woman. She was such an amazing woman of God. She lived her life for Him, in every way. What an example! There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of her, wish to share something with her, show her something or mostly get advice and wisdom! She was ALWAYS there for me. She taught me so much in life and she taught me so much about how to die gracefully. She was not only an amazing mom but a precious wife and Nanny. She was always interested in whatever we were doing. She was a wonderful cook, seamstress, homemaker, Bible School teacher, mentor to not only the younger women but always was helping the elderly at our church. She never quit learning and was one mean Scrabble, Trivia Pursuit and crossword puzzle player! Up until the very end mom was teaching me, guiding me and providing wonderful memories to get me through. It is my greatest prayer that I will be half the woman my mom was to not only my husband, children and grandchildren but everyone around me! 


O-Owen Austin Knight

Owen Austin Knight is our first grandson, who is a three and half years old. Some days when we are playing, I feel like I am with my own son, Zach. He not only looks like his daddy did, but he talks like him and has so many of the same mannerisms. He too is totally entertained with a rope (see Letter Z if this doesn't make sense!) and he already knows how to use most tools. He has outgrown plastic tools...he wants the real thing! He is a "worker-man". He loves to be outdoors and loves to go fishing! He is a very good brother to Clay and Will. We see his little personality developing, he loves to joke with us, and is very tender and concerned about others. He keeps us in stitches with his little vocabulary, which is growing each day with such big words. Our prayer for Owen, Clay and Will is and will always be that they will become great men of God. We look forward to seeing what all God has in store for them!



Phil, is my one and only sibling. He and his wife live near Hamby, and worship in Clyde where he serves as an elder. He is a fireman for the Abilene Fire Department. He is three years older than me and for as long as I can remember I have looked up to him. He has always been a good brother, protective, supportive and one that all I have to do is call and he will be there. He is so talented but the thing that gives me the greatest joy is watching him as a father and husband. He is an amazing dad. He has two sons and one daughter-in-law and a very precious wife named Carolyn. He and Carolyn are so supportive and such great parents! Our grandson, Owen, things "Uncle Phil" is the coolest! He always plays ball with him! Anyone who plays ball is really cool in Owen's book. Phil is pretty cool in my book too! Love you bro!



As a wedding gift, my grandmother made me a quilt. Not just any quilt, it was made from all the fabrics my mom had used to make me dresses throughout my life. I loved it. Each time I looked at it, memories would flood my mind. When Ashley was a little girl, she used to love to look at that quilt and question me on what the outfit looked like for each of the fabrics in the quilt. So, when she was headed off to college, it just seemed fitting to do her a similar quilt. The only problem was...I am not a quilter! I wish so much I could say I love sewing, but it makes me nervous! Thanks to a good friend, Pam Trice, who helped me find a SIMPLE pattern for the quilt top. Each square was either a fabric from a outfit that my Mom and I had made for Ashley or it was fabrics from curtains in her nursery or bedroom fabrics growing up. It was a simple pattern, so the quilt top went together quickly. I wrapped it up and gave it to her at her High School graduation, with plans of finishing it that summer in time for her to use on her dorm room bed. Well...it didn't happen. Somehow, I just kept putting it off. It became a joke as Ashley finished college, thankfully she didn't freeze to death without it! However, with help from Pam once again, I am proud to say the quilt is finished! No one was more surprised than Ashley, when I gave it to her! It is a great weight to throw over your lap while watching TV or grading papers! It is now at Ashley's house. Someday, maybe she will have a little one that will want to lay beside her in bed and reminisce about all the fun fabric...just as we did! 


R-Red Bike

There is just something fun about redoing something old! This bike has been leaning up against the shop for a number of years. I decided to give it a fresh coat of red paint, tie on a wire basket full of flowers and park it in one of our flower beds in the backyard. Some might say, I should have put new tires on it and hit the pavement...but I much prefer the relaxed feel I get when I look out my window and see the touch of whimsy that bike gives our yard!


S-Sound of Music

Okay, call me "old school" but my ALL time favorite movie will remain "The Sound of Music"! Those hills are still alive for me! I can't really remember how old I was when my Mom and I went to see it at Westwood Theater on North 1st, but I can tell you exactly where we sat, etc. I was in love with it from the second it started. I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have seen it, but I am sure hundreds of times. I remember how delighted I was as a young mother, when it came on TV one day right after Christmas and we had just gotten our first VHS recorder! I taped it and watched it ALOT with Zach and Ashley. Just ask them, I used to sing and dance right along with Julie. We all knew most of the script but the kids could probably tell you all the commericals...which are hilarious! I don't actually watch the "taped version" anymore as my kids sweetly bought me my very own copy FREE of commercials several years ago! Maybe someday I will go to Salzburg, Austria and run across that same mountain top singing at the top of my lungs! Anyone want to go with me??? 


T- Tulips

Tulips, they are by far my favorite flower. They make me happy. They are planted all in my backyard and I love to wait for them in the spring to start peaking their head through the soil. I watch daily, to see which one will bloom first and it is always a surprise to see what color will bloom first. Yellow, red, pink...it doesn't really matter, because when it comes to a tulip...I love them all!!!