As a wedding gift, my grandmother made me a quilt. Not just any quilt, it was made from all the fabrics my mom had used to make me dresses throughout my life. I loved it. Each time I looked at it, memories would flood my mind. When Ashley was a little girl, she used to love to look at that quilt and question me on what the outfit looked like for each of the fabrics in the quilt. So, when she was headed off to college, it just seemed fitting to do her a similar quilt. The only problem was...I am not a quilter! I wish so much I could say I love sewing, but it makes me nervous! Thanks to a good friend, Pam Trice, who helped me find a SIMPLE pattern for the quilt top. Each square was either a fabric from a outfit that my Mom and I had made for Ashley or it was fabrics from curtains in her nursery or bedroom fabrics growing up. It was a simple pattern, so the quilt top went together quickly. I wrapped it up and gave it to her at her High School graduation, with plans of finishing it that summer in time for her to use on her dorm room bed. Well...it didn't happen. Somehow, I just kept putting it off. It became a joke as Ashley finished college, thankfully she didn't freeze to death without it! However, with help from Pam once again, I am proud to say the quilt is finished! No one was more surprised than Ashley, when I gave it to her! It is a great weight to throw over your lap while watching TV or grading papers! It is now at Ashley's house. Someday, maybe she will have a little one that will want to lay beside her in bed and reminisce about all the fun fabric...just as we did! 

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Ashley said...

I love it! It has been my "lap blanket" all weekend! :)