30 reasons I love our boy!

Our firstborn, is 30 today! How can that be? I feel like the last 30 years has been in fast motion. It seems like yesterday the nurse place him in my arms! Today I want to celebrate Zach. Here are just a FEW of the reasons this young man is so special to me! These are in NO particular order...all 30 are at the top in my heart!

1. He always ends our phone conversation with a "love you"...always
2. Pretty much anytime he leaves on a trip, we find a sweet note tucked away in our house somewhere, thanking us in advance for "covering" things while he is away
3. He is an incredible man of God
4. He loves his wife with his whole heart
5. He not only is the best father to his three sons, but he somehow gives them all individual attention and love
6. He is such a hard worker
7. He loves to help others without anyone knowing
8. He loves to be silly and goofy
9. He loves God's world and makes every effort to take care of it
10. He loves his sister Ashley! We have watched a relationship grow between them from the minute she was born.
11. He has a great laugh
12. His boys melt his tender heart and you can see the love for them in his eyes
13. He is a loyal friend
14. He loves family times
15. He loves to read (and there was a time that I never thought this would happen!)
16. He really cares about our world and it's leaders
17. He has an amazing relationship with his Dad
18. He has a MORE amazing relationship with his Heavenly Father
19. He is always looking for ways to improve himself
20. He works so hard so his sweet wife can be a stay-at-home mom
21. He always has a hug for me! Even at 30 years old!
22. Never fails, when he eats at our house, he is a SUPER helper in the kitchen! He usually cleans it up for me
23. He is involved in their church
24. He is a dreamer, always looking for ways to improve his business
25. He always has a project
26. No matter how busy he is, he will drop everything if he sees someone in need
27. He is always learning something new
28. He loves spending time outdoors in God's beautiful country and sharing that love with his boys
29. He loves our family traditions
30. He has an incredible work ethic


Welcome Miss Emma Grace Snow

I hear Grandparents Day is this weekend but we celebrated a bit early! We welcomed our fourth grandchild and first granddaughter into the world last night at 7:15. She is BEAUTIFUL!!! She is the sweetest, daintiest little thing! Ashley did an amazing job! We have enjoyed a day filled with family, lots of pictures and taking turns holding this precious little one. Emma is 20 1/4 inches long and weighs 6 pounds and 13 ounces. She has a sweet little shaped head and a shadow of auburn hair. Her eyes are a very deep dark blue and she has already completely stolen our hearts. We have learned that being Bud and Honey to these precious little souls is quite fun!!! We are so thankful that God has once again shined His his sweet face down upon us and blessed us with a healthy and perfect in every way little one! Welcome Emma Grace, we love you so much and can't wait to watch what God has in store for you!