Our cup overflows...

We are feeling mighty blessed right now because we learned a week ago today that our sweet daughter and son-in-law are PREGNANT!!! Yahoo!!! We are really so thrilled because we have learned that being grandparents is just that...GRAND!!!! We know that David and Ashley will make AMAZING parents and that God has wonderful plans for them! It was a super fun weekend. Ashley had made a really cute scrapbook of "Our Valentines"! She had told me she had our Valentine card but thought she would just wait till we got there to give it to us because she was afraid it might get messed up in the mail!!! (Ashley, I taught you not to lie!!!) So, after we got there, she and David casually said, "Oh yeah, here is ya'lls Valentine". We proceeded to look at the pictures on each page and yes, they were all pictures of our Valentines...Zach, Meg, Ashley, David, Owen, Clay, Will and then a picture of a SONOGRAM!!! Yahoo! Everything looks good, she is 11 weeks along and hasn't been sick a day just tired! We are so happy and proud for the two of you and look forward to being Bud and Honey to another precious little one! 


Valentine Sleepover!

Since this is one of those holidays meant for couples, we decided to let Zach and Meg have an evening alone! We sent an invitation to the boys a week ago asking if they could come to a Valentine Sleepover at Bud and Honey's house!
We invited our three grandsons for a Valentine Sleepover, a time for us to enjoy their sweetness and a time for Mom and Dad to enjoy each other...quietly!

Here is a run down of the evening!

Ate supper, which including some red heart jigglers with pink cool whip and for dessert-Red Velvet Moon Pies...big hit! Then we sent the boys on a heart hunt! Instead of Easter Eggs, we had hidden red and pink paper hearts all over the house for them to find! They loved it! We had the kitchen island set up and we dipped large marshmallows in chocolate then we had an assortment of Valentine sprinkles to top off their creations! After we finished our "baking" and of course tasting a few we moved on to the table to make cards for their mommy and daddy! It was so sweet to watch them work so hard on making their cards extra special!

Larry and I made a bean bag board with personalized bead bags for each boy. They love to throw stuff, so this was a big hit! 

After baths, we finished off the evening with a little snuggle time before being tucked into bed. The boys were up fairly early this morning and ready to play with their new bean bag toss. We fixed some breakfast and finished our time playing! They were quite excited to show off their new toy and give their parents their very special cards. 

It was a "sweet" time with three precious little guys! We love you Owen, Clay and Will!