Two months ago today...

Well...a not so funny thing happened on the way to Sam's two months ago today. Larry and I had made plans to grab a quick bite to eat and then head to Sam's to buy groceries for our Christmas meals, etc. I had a full weekend planned- I was going to finish my Christmas shopping and get lots of my baking done. Less than a block from our house...our plans changed. We were broadsided by a Schwan's Food Delivery Truck. We got a very quick reminder of how fast things can change in your life much less a very sweet reminder of how good our God is! He certainly was watching over us! The Jeep was totaled and I had multiple broken ribs but in the big scheme of things...we were incredibly blessed to have come out so good!

It has been a painful and slow recovery, but I went to the doctor today and he has released me! Yeah! Things are looking good. I am still sore at times, but overall I am very glad to be up and going once again! Larry was thankfully not hurt and he has been my strength these past two months. He has been an incredible "nurse" to me! I sure do love that man!

I want to thank my sweet family for ALL the ways you have showered me with blessings these past 8 weeks. You have not only encouraged me with your sweet words and caring ways but have reminded me of how very blessed I am to have such loving and supportive children, spouse and grandkids! Thank you for all the ways you have helped out!

So, on this Valentine's day, I send my love and thanks to each of you for blessing my life with your love!