Pink is in our future

We learned this past weekend, that David and Ashley are expecting a girl! It is hard to imagine life as a grandparent getting any better than it already is, but I am sure a girl will add a new mix to our wonderful little crew! We are so excited for them, mostly because the sonogram also showed that everything is looking good, for which we are most grateful! Ashley and I went shopping for just a little while on Saturday and somehow looking at girl things seemed weird BUT also very wonderful!! I have a feeling that she will have three cousins who make sure she still gets her fair share of playing army, football, war, cowboy and indians...just ask Ashley! She had three boy cousins and she never seemed to talk them into playing house! Ha...don't worry little one...Honey will play house with you!!!

This is a picture of our sweet daughter and our sweet granddaughter-to-be!
Congrats to David and Ashley!