Thank you God!!

This morning we awoke to the sound of thunder...were our ears playing tricks on us? NO!!! It began to rain. We got 1 1/2 inches. I cannot describe how beautiful the sound of rain hitting the windows was this morning...even at 5:00 a.m., I didn't mind one bit being woke up!! Since the rain has stopped the sound I am enjoying now...the birds! They are singing at the top of their little lungs! It thrills my soul!
Thank you God, you answered so many prayers and we pray you will shower us again with your great mercies!


These are a few of her favorite things...

Emma loves to "read" books. Well, she isn't reading yet though she does know all her letters and the sound they make! But she will sit as long as you will read. Never seen a kid love to read as much as she does. I loved these picture I snapped while we visited a really cool bookstore in the Garland area called "The Real Bookstore". Fun place and such nice staff!

Another favorite thing: Emma loves to color and draw! How delightful it was to watch Emma enjoy her new easel. Ashley, Emma and I also enjoyed a trop to IKEA last week. How fun. Love that store. Love the prices! This little easel was such a great find and I just have a feeling it will be well used by a little girl!


Don't hide those sweet little buttons...

I had a jar of buttons that were my grandmother and mom's button stashes. I sorted through them several years ago and put all the shades of white/tan/creme in one jar, but still it just sat in my utility room. Recently I saw a fun idea on Pinterest (which could be highly addictive so I am trying to refrain from looking at it but once a week now!) and decided that while I was at Ashley's last week...we should put those buttons to good use! So one night after we put Emma to bed, while we watched a really dumb movie, we did a craft. Crafting with my girls is always such a fun treat for me so I was so happy when we made time to work one in while I was there!! I LOVE the way these turned out and I loved even more that we enjoyed such fun conversations about the buttons and the two women who we will always hold dear to our hearts! It was a fun and easy craft! We just bought the initials at Michaels and used Elmers White Glue! EASY!! My grandmother saved EVERY button...really...every button! What a fun way to honor and display all the beautiful, ordinary and unusual buttons collected through many years of homemaking!