We are so thankful.
Thankful for a God that is so gracious and very good to us.
Thankful for Jesus dying so we could live.
Thankful for family.
Thankful for parents who raised us to love God and to love others.
Thankful for our children.
Thankful for how easy they made it for Larry and I to raise them.
Thankful for the good choices they made growing up and great choices in mates.
Thankful for the way we see them teaching their children to love and follow God.
Thankful for our health.
Thankful for our country, though it has its problems, there is no place I had rather live.
Thankful for our church family.
Thankful for our jobs.
Thankful for wonderful friends.
Thankful for freedom.
The list could go on and on.
But I will just show you one more thing we are so very thankful for...
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!


A picture is worth a thousand words" Wednesday

Where's Owen? Having some fun at the pumpkin patch with a little game of Hide-n-seek!


"A picture is worth a thousand words" Wednesday

Emma Grace Snow, July 2010. I never want to forget those cute chubby arms! Too sweet!


"A picture is worth a thousand words" Wednesday

Ashley and Owen dancing at the wedding, something Owen was very excited about! He loves his Aunt "Allie".


Halloween Happenings!

Halloween 2010 was a very busy one but it was so very fun. Here is a quick update of how we spent this holiday:
It was our 4th annual "Orange Like a Pumpkin Dinner" for the grandkids. Emma was unable to attend this years event, but next year we will do better planning so that ALL our grands can be there!!! I always send an invitation to attend the dinner, where all the food is orange! Yummy huh! Our dinner consisted of Mummy Dogs, Carrots, Mandarin Oranges, Cheetos and "orange" Ranch dip! Nutritious huh!?!?! I told Larry I could make a few black options, but opted out of burning dinner in order to make that happen! :) Over dinner, we discussed how many different options we had for our pumpkins...scary, goofy, silly, happy, sad, or just plain crazy!
Then we carve a pumpkin together. The boys were so sweet and I think everyone had a really good time. Carving a pumpkin with 6 little hands holding various scoops and knives is an experience everyone should have! I am proud to announce no band-aids were needed! :)

They came dressed in their costumes this year...they were "hunter men" and were decked out in the camo! Very cute!!

The boys each picked a card which revealed which feature they would be in charge of designing and cutting. Clay picked eyes and wanted "triangle eyes". Owen was in charge of the nose. He immediately said he wanted a "cross nose". I made an "x" and he said, "No Honey, a cross like Jesus died on. I made more of an "plus sign" and he then replied "That is it, you know, kind of like a hospital cross"! He makes us laugh!
Will got the mouth! And he wanted a happy smile, just like his!Here is the finished product with 3 adorable little guys sitting so proud!
On Halloween weekend, we drove over and spent the night with David, Ashley and Emma. Ashley, Emma and I did a bit of shopping on Friday and then we had dinner, which was delicious, thanks Ashley! We enjoyed an evening of visiting and Emma got dressed in her Halloween costume so she could "Trick or Treat" us...and it was all TREAT for us!!! She was so cute and funny and seemed to know how cute she looked! And cute she was!!!
Check out this adorable little lamb!We left the next morning and spent the rest of our weekend with our dear friends, The Trice's. Fun times as always and no pictures to show as always! We always laugh, that Gordon is an amazing photographer but we have very few casual pictures of us with them...we just don't think to get out a camera!! Oh well, we had such a good time and cherish our time with this sweet precious couple! Thanks again Gordon and Pam, we had such a good time!


Check it out!

Okay, if you are like me, I seldom go to the actual blog on anyone, unless of course, I am leaving a comment! Otherwise, I just use my trusty Google Reader to let me know when someone I "follow" has updated their blog. HOWEVER, I do have to say the one thing I miss about that is you don't get to see everyone's clever and cute blog design! I bring this up because my very precious and talented daughter created a "new look" for my blog and I just love the little header!!! As most of you know, I am Honey to the grandkids (and other sweet little ones in our lives) so it just seemed fitting to have a "Honey Header"!!! Ashley recently gave me a cute little wall hanging that had the same wording so she decided to design me a little updated header! Check it out!

Thank you Ashley for sharing your creative juices and giving me a new look! I love it!!

"A picture is worth a thousand words" Wednesday

Meg is amazing! She not only comes us with the cutest Halloween costumes for her three boys but she also finds the time to dress up herself! AND she and Zach will decorate their "trunk" to fit the theme for their churches "Trunk or Treat" party. So talented!