Knight Camp 2009 is WILD!

Our 3rd Annual Knight Camp has come and gone...but oh how sweet it was! We picked the boys up last Tuesday morning and drove to Boerne, with a quick stop in Fredericksburg for lunch. We have some very dear friends who own a beautiful River house in Boerne and they graciously let us stay there and use it for base camp! I love camping out, but staying at the River house was a nice change...something about a nice clean toilet that wins me over every time! We played around the house, took a nice little nap and then headed to the river to throw some rocks and do a little fishing. The boys were both rewarded by lots of little perch and trout! Then it was back up to the house to cook some hot dogs and have a nice supper outside on the porch. We then did a craft, the boys took a bubble bath in the big tub and it was off to bed. The next morning, we woke up, dressed in our matching Knight Camp shirts and drove to the San Antonio Zoo! We had a fun day walking around looking at the animals, feeding some fish and taking lots of pictures. We then rode the train around the zoo before heading back to the river. We enjoyed fishing again, had a picnic supper and another craft. We made popcorn and read some new books about animals and just how silly they can be! It was a full day and we had tired little boys so it was off to bed. Thursday morning, we enjoyed breakfast at the house, played, did another craft and then it was time to pack up and drive home. We stopped back by Fredericksburg and went to Bud's favorite store...Dooley's Five and Dime! The boys each had five dollars to spend and lots of options! The boys took naps on the way home. We had such fun with them, they are so sweet and such good boys! Next year we will be joined by Will and so as tradition has it, we will go camping at Abilene State Park! Bud and Honey are already thinking about next year and what our theme might be, but one thing is for sure, it will be special because of three little guys! 


Well, it's been awhile!

1974-The Williams Cousins

A few weekends ago, I did something I haven't done in 35 years...I had a reunion with my cousins, on my Dad's side of the family. My Dad had 3 brothers and Dad was the youngest of four sons to Henry Austin and Mattie Clyde Williams. Between those 4 sons, they had 8 children. We got together in 1974, and again in 2009! To say we haven't really be a close knit family, is putting it lightly. My grandparents died when I was very young and as life has a way of doing, the family just kind of went their own separate ways. I have thought a lot about that lately, that mothers (or at least in my family) are the glue that holds things together. So, thanks to my cousin Steve and his wife Elaine, we all gathered at Perini's to reconnect . Sadly, one of my cousins passed away a few years ago, so now there are just 7 of us. It was a sweet reminder that no matter how much times passes, you still feel that connection with family. You somehow just pick up and move forward. We shared stories, pictures, laughs and some tears, it was a fun evening. I was so proud that everyone brought their kids and grandkids! It was a wonderful time for us to share with our children about their great grandparents. It was fun for me to hear stories about my grandparents, because I have none. Like I said, they died when I was little but since I was the youngest of the cousins, the others had some sweet memories to share. On Sunday, we drove to the Homeplace of my grandparents, near Ballinger. The house is vacant and time is wearing away at it, but standing there holding on to that little wire fence that surrounded the yard, I could almost imagine my grandmother running about to feed and clothe four ramboncious boys! I have a beautiful light pink tablecloth and set of 8 napkins that she made me when I was born, complete with the most delicate tatting around all the edges. She must have been a wonderful seamstress because the work is perfect! I am sad I didn't get to know them, but I am thankful to my brother and cousins who shared some memories of two people who loved their sons and wanted the best for them. I am pretty sure they would have smiled on our gathering! 


I have a CRUSH on three little guys!!!

Can you blame me???
Isn't this adorable?
Meg's mom captured them perfectly!!!


How can you not grin when you look at this precious little men?

Okay, I know they melt my heart on a daily basis, but I had to share a photo of my little men! They are so precious and sweet! It amazes me how much they are growing up and I love to see them all together as they are quite a little crew!