Do you remember?

I don't guess it doesn't matters how old we get...I think we all remember learning to ride a bike. Well, we have been watching Owen over the past few weeks master a rather large tricyle. Bud (Larry) found an all-terain mega-tricyle at a garage sale when Owen was about 6 months old! It seems like forever, Owen would work just to get up on the seat but even with as much determination as he had...his little legs just couldn't reach the pedals. But this fall, with another growth spurt on Owen's part and Bud finally figuring out a way to move the seat up a bit...Owen can firmly plant his little feet on the pedals! Don't you just remember those days...trying to get all "your parts" to work together! Push this foot down, now the other foot, while keeping the bike from running into anything! Yes...it is just a tricycle...and there will be skins knees and elbows when the bike day arrives...but nonetheless Owen could not be prouder of himself! After all, he is now a "Biker-man". This past weekend, he came to the house, instructed me what chair to sit in on the back porch as he perfected his newly acquired tricyle riding skills! Funny how much joy you can find in the simple things in life!

Clay, of course "thinks" he is big enough to do it too...but sadly his little legs have some growing to do. Like I said...this tricyle is big! For now, Clay enjoyed himself perched upon the tractor...because really what's really fun right now is just being about to be outside in the beautiful Fall days God has blessed us with! To make the day complete, we were able to actually sit outside for our evening meal! The little guys got to sit at the new picnic table...it is perfect!


God reminded me through a packet of seeds!

I can't say that I have a green thumb, but I sure try! I love working in my yard...actually I like digging in the dirt! I love planting flowers, designing flowerbeds...yes...I even find satisfication in mowing (though Larry might be shocked to hear this). I normally buy my flowers in those little six-packs...and it is not an quick run to the garden store for me. It takes me awhile. I have to survey ALL the choices, then I must select what type of flower I want to plant and then comes the decision of what colors to plant and if more than once color is needed...what will blend with each other and with what's already in the yard! Yes...it is quite a production! This year, I decided to plant some morning glory seeds that had sat in my utility room for over a year. To say the least, I was "doubtful" they would even sprout, which just goes to show you what little faith I had! I read the directions, plopped them into the ground, covered them up with a little dirt, gave them a little drink and went about my business.

He has taught me a lot this summer...God has sweetly reminded me of His power and goodness through those tiny little seeds...

He has taught me about what can happen when we plant the seed and leave the rest to God. I have been blown away by the display of morning glories I enjoy each morning when I walk into my kitchen and look at the window. Larry had built me an arbor several years ago and I just hadn't found anything that would climb it and also give me a blanket of blooms...well God has once again reminded me of His power!

I even planted some of the seeds on the side of the house, and once again God blew me away!

The lesson has nothing to do with the flowers...which don't get me wrong...they have been a delight. It has been a beautiful reminder of all the ways God provides for us. He has nutured these flowers, watered them, given them just enough sun and just enough shade to flourish...like He does for us each day! He gives us all the right ingredients to live a good life...He provides for us so abundantly! He wants to see us grow!

But what I have been reminded about once again is about the seeds! He wants us to plant seeds in this world so that He can nourish them!

Let us not become weary in doing good for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do NOT give up! Galatians 6:9


Mrs. Snow's First Grade Classroom

I have decided if I could retire...I would divide my time between playing with my grandsons and being a "room mother" in Ashley's classroom! After David and Ashley moved to Mansfield, Ashley begin looking for a new job in a school district that would be closer to home and boy did God find one for her! It is 3 minutes from her house to school...that is unheard of in the Dallas/Fort Worth area! The elementary is called Alice Ponder Elementary and Ashley is teaching 17 precious first graders...okay maybe they aren't precious ALL the time...but who is! My boss sweetly let me go for a few days before school started to help Ashley get her classroom ready!

As long as I can remember, I have loved working in a classroom! First, was my "make believe" classroom, which was in my parents garage. Dad so sweetly hung me a bulletin board and chalk board. I had a "teachers" desk and one student desk...which was enough room...since I was only able to talk one neighborhood kid into being in my class! However, I would like to go on record as saying that Kayla turned out to be the valedictorian of her High School and her mother told my mother years ago that she was pretty sure it was because I worked with Kayla every day! In the summer, "school" was held in the morning, while the garage was still "cool". Once fall would roll around, we would have "our school" as soon as I could get home from REAL school. Kayla was about 4 when I started working with her. I was in the 3rd grade.

At the same time, by second favorite thing to do was help my Mom in her classroom at church. Mom taught the 3rd grade for years and my job would be to get the board covered and put that cool corrugated border around the edge! When I got to middle school age, she would let me be her "co-teacher" during VBS! What wonderful memories I have of time spent studying and preparing for lessons with my Mom.

Then came the years of teaching my own Bible school class after Larry and I married. Now, I have to admit that my most favorite part was getting the class ready and making all the take homes, flipcharts, etc. I would spend hours cleaning the classroom (you know...I had to have every cabinet straight) and designing bulletin boards. Then I moved to "overseeing" the teachers resource room at Hillcrest! (Couldn't have done that without some helpers...like Sherri Luttrell...and so many others!)but it was then that I realized that my favorite part of it all is the supplies! I love art and school supplies. It was no secret growing up that my favorite part of school was getting ready for school...you know the trips to Wal-Mart with the school supply list clutched in your hand! Ahh...picking out the perfect school box, a fresh new box of unbroken crayons (especially when you got to get the "BIG PACK" with the sharper), new pencils, a new eraser, glue, a ruler...of course making sure all the colors matched and coordinated with the box!

So...for Ashley to ask me to help organize her room, put up bulletin boards, put fresh new workbooks in their desk, organize the "Book Nook", etc. It really isn't a sacrifice...though it is HARD work...it is like playing again...back in that garage on North 10th street.

Here are a few shots of Ashley's classroom...Snowville...with it's own Post Office, lovingly built by her Dad.