Sweet summertime fun!

Swim time! This summer has been different...in a beautiful way! We have been so blessed with lots of rain and cooler weather! I can't remember a summer I have enjoyed as much as this one...weather wise at least! But the one thing it hasn't allowed much of is swimming...which I personally have given up on...because it would involve putting on a swimsuit and well...I am just not going there! But, I LOVE seeing two little guys in their swimming suits! So, last week, I invited Owen and Clay over for a Swim Party! No, we haven't built a pool in our backyard but thankfully David (Ashley's husband) bought a couple of wading pools for our house because Honey waited too late in the season then couldn't find one in Abilene!

So, I was so anxious to have them over to swim...yes, I realize I don't have many years that these small pools will do the trick so I have to make the most of it! We had such fun! Really, you just can't go wrong when you combine water and being outside with those two little guys! Though Owen was way to busy to spend much time actually in the pool, he sure had fun "watering" everything with the water hose! Clay, on the other hand was content to stand in the pool and pour water from one cup to another. Simple pleasures! Both boys are such complete joys! What better way to top off a perfect swim... but with a flavor-ice!

Clay is hysterical...he latches on to it and hardly comes up for air! I have never seen anyone go after one with such gusto! Boys being boys...they wandered from the fresh clean water to the sandbox and back several times...which lead to a nice shade of brown water before it was over.
In between the sandbox and the pools, they would stop to play on the tractor! Owen informed Clay he was to be "Paw Paw" (Larry's dad) and Owen deemed himself as the "Worker Man" who would fill Clay's trailer up with a mixture of sand and water.
It was another precious memory to store in my heart...time with these little boys reminds me of how good and gracious our God is! I love watching them play together and see their imaginations at work. It was a very special summer treat for this Honey!


Weekend projects

Larry and I had the pleasure of visiting David and Ashley this weekend at their lovely home. We went with full intentions of it being a "home project weekend" which is so much fun for Larry and I to be apart of! We love home projects, so to get to help David and Ashley was such a treat! (I know...we are weird!)

The guys, with some help from the girls, built a new metal building in their backyard to store all those lovely items we usually stuff in our garages...except for the fact that David and Ashley don't have a garage! It was a hot and tedious project...but the result was a fine looking shed in their backyard! What an improvement!

When Larry and I were married, Larry's brother gave us a hutch as a wedding gift. It has served us well but when we built our new kitchen a few years back, we just didn't have a place for the hutch any longer. We stored it in the garage for awhile in hopes that one of the kids could use it someday. Ashley and David gladly took it after they married and though it has served the purpose in their rent house...a place to hold kitchen overflow...it just needed some sprucing up! Ashley do all the sanding and getting it ready for paint and brought it to our house for her Dad to do his magic! So, a fresh coat of paint, distressing and varnishing it...we delivered it to Mansfield this weekend! (You can see pictures on Ashley's blog)

Ashley and I had fun making it even more lovely. Ashley purchased some great paisley fabric and we covered the back of the hutch with fabric to make her china stand out. It looks fabulous! We also covered all the seat cushions to their dining room chairs with the same fabric. It was fun to unpack all the lovely wedding gifts...china, glass and silver pieces and display them in the new improved hutch!

It really is so fun to take something old and give it a fresh and fun look, and even more fun to get to do it with our kids. Ashley and I decided it is much more rewarding than going out and buying something new! Was it a full weekend of work...yes...but it was so much fun to work beside them as they "feather their nest!".

Being a parent, just get more and more fun! We loved when our kids were at home and thought life just couldn't get any better than that. But now, we love helping Zach,Meg, David, Ashley AND playing with grandkids...it just gets better and better! Watching your children grow up and become adults who love making their house a home...that is like icing on the cake!


Boy number three!

Last week we had the pleasure of providing a place for the Pink and Blue Party that Zach and Meg held to reveal to a group of anxious family and friends...what the latest addition to our family would be! In late November, Zach and Meg will welcome their 3rd son! Yippee!! I really just wanted healthy...how can we ask for more! We have been so blessed with two adorable,loving little boys and we look forward to adding to our family another bundle of joy! Can you imagine the fun we will have with these 3 little boys! Speaking of having fun...this year was our first year for Knight Camp, grandparent camp with the "grands". The age limit to attend is two years old. So, this year Owen was the only "camper" but we had so much fun! As usual, the planning was a blast! We designed t-shirts, invitations then moved on to planning the overnight camp-out!
This year we ventured to Abilene State Park, because we knew it would be a blast no matter where we went and for Owen's sake the real treat was it was close...not much car time! We took our pop-up camper but we spent very little time in it other than to sleep because we had so many activities! We fished, hiked, cooked camp food favorites, fished, had craft time, caught bugs and fished. Owen caught his first fish which was great fun and we took a ton of pictures!

We had 2 fun filled days of exploring the campground with Owen.

It is amazing how many rocks and sticks those two little fists can hold! Treasures...that is what Owen calls all of his "neat finds". Speaking of treasures, Larry and I will treasure the time we had with Owen on our first "Knight-Camp". We are already thinking about next year!