Sweet summertime fun!

Swim time! This summer has been different...in a beautiful way! We have been so blessed with lots of rain and cooler weather! I can't remember a summer I have enjoyed as much as this one...weather wise at least! But the one thing it hasn't allowed much of is swimming...which I personally have given up on...because it would involve putting on a swimsuit and well...I am just not going there! But, I LOVE seeing two little guys in their swimming suits! So, last week, I invited Owen and Clay over for a Swim Party! No, we haven't built a pool in our backyard but thankfully David (Ashley's husband) bought a couple of wading pools for our house because Honey waited too late in the season then couldn't find one in Abilene!

So, I was so anxious to have them over to swim...yes, I realize I don't have many years that these small pools will do the trick so I have to make the most of it! We had such fun! Really, you just can't go wrong when you combine water and being outside with those two little guys! Though Owen was way to busy to spend much time actually in the pool, he sure had fun "watering" everything with the water hose! Clay, on the other hand was content to stand in the pool and pour water from one cup to another. Simple pleasures! Both boys are such complete joys! What better way to top off a perfect swim... but with a flavor-ice!

Clay is hysterical...he latches on to it and hardly comes up for air! I have never seen anyone go after one with such gusto! Boys being boys...they wandered from the fresh clean water to the sandbox and back several times...which lead to a nice shade of brown water before it was over.
In between the sandbox and the pools, they would stop to play on the tractor! Owen informed Clay he was to be "Paw Paw" (Larry's dad) and Owen deemed himself as the "Worker Man" who would fill Clay's trailer up with a mixture of sand and water.
It was another precious memory to store in my heart...time with these little boys reminds me of how good and gracious our God is! I love watching them play together and see their imaginations at work. It was a very special summer treat for this Honey!


annalee said...

aahh, nothing like a summer fun day spent in a pool. what a wonderful memory!

Kel said...

Mary Kay -
You have some sweet grandsons! I'm sure they love coming over to visit Honey.
Thanks for always opening your home to your children's friends. You have a beautiful house and we have enjoyed the get-togethers there.

Meg Knight said...

Those are some of the cutest little boys i've ever seen! :) Thanks Honey for a wonderful "swim day"!