Builder Bob and Builder Bud

Watching our little grandsons...is kind of like looking back at old family movies. Owen and Clay not only look like their Dad did at this age but they have lots of the same interests. Zach always loved hanging out with his Daddy! If it involved tools...he was a happy camper. At a very young age, he could tell you the correct name for just about every tool in his Dad's toolbox. Owen has the same love for tools and Bud's shop! Recently when he was helping Bud with a little project, he looked up and said "Bud, I am Builder Bob and you are Builder Bud!" Clay and Owen along with their parents, recently gave us a little kid-size picnic table for our backyard. So, Builder Bob and Builder Bud had lots of fun putting it together. Owen loves working with REAL tools!

As you can see by the pictures, Builder Bob and Builder Bud do good work! There is nothing much more fun than seeing a grandson follow in his Dad and Bud's footsteps!

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Meg Knight said...

And what an adorable "Builder Bob" we have have! Thanks to daddy and "Builder Bud" for being patient enough to allow Owen to tag along! I have a feeling Clay isn't far behind and of course, "Sweet Bun" will be building before we know it. We might need to build a bigger shop if we keep adding "worker men"! :)