Favorite Things Friday-Craft Products

Oh boy! If you know me, you know I love crafts! Narrowing it down to my 3 favorites...that could be tough!

Fiskar Paper Trimmer

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I am challenged when it comes it cutting a straight line, so this little jewel makes quick work of it. I use it in my scrapbooking, crafting, card making...let's just say I keep replacement blades on hand!

Omnigrid Rulers

My sweet crazy creative friend Pam, has several of these and every time we do a craft project together we use them. I love them! So, I put that on my birthday and Christmas list and my sweet daughter purchased me 3 different sizes! Yahoo. I have this secret (I guess it isn't a secret anymore) desire to learn how to quilt and these little rulers will be great! But already I have used them so much in my paper crafts!

12x12 Organizing Boxes

Before I had these, my scrapbook paper was always in a mess. I slowly started adding one at a time (every time they were on 1/2 off I would get one!) and I not only use them for my paper but also other crafting supplies.

Favorite Things Friday-Small kitchen appliances

After MUCH encouragement from my sweet daughter, Ashley, I have made the plunge! So, instead of just reading about everyone else's favorites...I will add my two cents! Though this week, mine and Ashley's are almost identical! That really doesn't surprise me, we love a lot of the same things!

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

When we built our new kitchen, this was my first purchase! I actually bought it long before the kitchen was finished. It was kind of my inspiration piece! I had wanted one for so long, and I use it almost every week! It makes baking so much fun!

Kitchenaid Food Chopper

Love this chopper! It is easy to work and makes quick work of chopping! I, like Ashley use it a lot for chopping pecans! I also love how the parts can go straight into the dishwasher!

The Iced Tea Pot by Mr. Coffee

Larry drinks a LOT of ice tea a day, so this little appliance saves me a lot of work! First of all, it makes really good tea and fast! It's hard to imagine but Larry drinks a least one pitcher a day! :) Luckily, we drink decaf! When I first got this, I was not so sure about it, but I have had it for YEARS and love it!!! It is the appliance that gets used EVERY day in my kitchen...right along with the coffeemaker!


Some "two on one" time

Larry and I made the decision we would start a new tradition this year, especially since we don't have any! Ha. :) We began it last night and it was a good decision! Once a month, we will have one of our grandsons spend the night with us. One boy at a time. We feel like in the busyness of our lives, we were really losing getting to know each one! They are changing so much, growing up so quickly and we just wanted to have some time to just be with each one. So, last night was our first "two on one" time. We picked up Owen and headed to Chili's. We had a lovely supper, it was so fun to sit and talk to him! He told us all his new school! He started Stepping Stones last week, a preschool a dear friend of ours owns. Sherri Luttrell is an amazing teacher and has such a way with children! We are delighted that Owen gets to attend her school. He loves it!! We ended the meal with a little dessert and it is always fun to watch Owen dive into a little ice cream and chocolate! Then we came home, got in our PJ's and played with Lego's! Zach had quite a collection of Lego's when he was a young boy and it was the first time we had gotten them out for the boys. We had so much fun! Then it was time for bed! Owen had asked at supper if he could sleep in our room on a pallet, it was fun to have him so near! He picked out two books and I laid on his pallet and read to him by flashlight. This morning we woke up and made donuts for breakfast. Owen got to cut the holes and dip them in sugar after the were cooked, so he was feeling like a chef! Then more play time with the Lego's before he and Bud headed out to the shop to "work". We fixed Pizzas for lunch before taking him home. I am not sure who had more fun. Larry and I both had such a great time being able to really talk to Owen, play with him, get some good snuggles and give him some good two on one time! We are already looking forward to February and spending with Clay! Then Will's month will be March!! Owen asked when we were taking him home, why he couldn't stay for 300 more days! He said he "really really really wanted our slumber party to last longer"! So, I would have to say we weren't the only one that enjoyed it! Now, we just have to get a little creative and figure out how to make these same times with our sweet little granddaughter! Guess David and Ashley will just have to go on some more dates!!! :)


Not just any babysitting job...

Last weekend, I had a pretty special babysitting job. I got a call from Ashley saying she and David were wanting to go on a date and had thought it would be a lot of fun for the two grandmothers to get to babysit Emma! Pretty fun is right!!! Patti and I jumped at the chance! It was wonderful to get a little time with Emma but also so sweet to get to be with Patti. David and Ashley had a great date and we two grandmother managed our time with Emma just fine! Even though Emma wasn't terribly interested in taking Mom's milk from a bottle! :) It was so fun to get to go to church with them the next morning before heading back home. Though I am never ready to leave and hate not seeing this precious little girl every day, I am so thankful they are close enough that we can make trips for special moments like this one! We love you Emma Grace and I am so thankful to be your "Honey"!


Do you ever wonder how a tradition starts??

Okay, as you can see from my blogs last month, we like traditions! We are funny that way. Sometime, we really don't intend on a tradition starting...it just kind of happens. Case in point.
Whenever it is a birthday or really any occasion that we might be giving a little treat, we will say "Get on the couch and close your eyes!" So the person will sit on the couch, close their eyes and hold open their hands. That was not really suppose to be a tradition...but it sure has turned into one! We did it with our kids. We did it once with the grands and now ANYTIME you have something to give someone else, you must go to the couch and close your eyes! What do you do if you are not at home? Well, you just sit wherever and close those eyes! It is really adorable! Like one year at Knight Camp, I was going to give the boys their new waterguns. I told them I was going in the camper to get a special little treat. When I came out of the camper...here is what I saw!

It that not the cutest picture of Owen? So sweet!!!
So no surprise, when it was time for stockings Christmas morning and Bud and Honey came into the den with them and this is what we saw!

Okay, so maybe Will doesn't have down the whole close your eyes part...but he is sitting! I love this picture of Clay...he is working hard to keep those eyes closed.


Christmas Past...2009 that is!

I thought I would post a few pictures, a snipet of our Christmas with our kids! We had a blast! Everyone stayed here so we had lots of time for playing, laughing, eating and a little sleeping!

First of all, thank you God! What a fun start to our Christmas Eve morning. The little boys and Honey were sneaking into the kitchen to start the coffee and cocoa when what to our wondering eyes should appear...SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our little guys on their scavenger hunt Christmas Eve morning. Emma let the boys do the work this year! :)

Emma and David hanging out while the little guys did the hunt, they were sweet little cousins and found Emma's gifts too!

Now it is the "big kids" turn! Here they are reading the slightly altered "Twas the Knights on Christmas Eve" poem and looking for clues! It is HARD to stump this group, after all, Zach and Ashley have had around 25 years experience!

Our annual Gingerbread Contest was a huge success again. I am blown away with how creative our children are! First we let the little guys do their very own house (Emma Grace-a house will be waiting for you next time!) and then the adults got serious and construction began! It was so fun once again to watch our couples plot, plan and produce such lovely little homes! Larry even brought out a power tool! Scary huh! (Please excuse how we all look...the best part about Christmas Eve was the fact that MOST of us stayed in our "fat pants" ALL day!!!)

Bud, Honey and the four little grands enjoying a Christmas book before bedtime! Sweet snuggles!

I had the great honor of bringing all the grands down the hall on Christmas morning! What a treat!!!

They were an excited little group! First thing to do, find the pickle!!

Here are a few of MANY pictures that capture the fun we all had on Christmas morning! The little ones opened their gifts, then we enjoyed a big breakfast (complete with a new breakfast casserole that everyone loved!) and then it was stocking time! Our family loves stockings! First the little ones opened theirs and then the big kids! Wow, our children did an amazing job stuffing ours! We played and sipped on coffee and cocoa for hours! Then we all loaded up in the afternoon and headed to Larry's parents for Knight Christmas. It was a wonderful day! We are so incredibly blessed!

Emma sporting one of her new bows!

David is excited about Emma's gift...boots!!

Owen is pretty excited about his stocking goodies!

Clay, what is it?

Will has the opening gifts skills!

Bud, looks like you hit the jackpot!

I think Ashley sees a new clothing item in her future!!

David, it's your turn!!!

Meg, what did you get???

Zach, you've been patient...but dig in, its your turn!!

And finally, Honey and Bud's FAVORITE packages under the tree!