Favorite Things Friday-Small kitchen appliances

After MUCH encouragement from my sweet daughter, Ashley, I have made the plunge! So, instead of just reading about everyone else's favorites...I will add my two cents! Though this week, mine and Ashley's are almost identical! That really doesn't surprise me, we love a lot of the same things!

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

When we built our new kitchen, this was my first purchase! I actually bought it long before the kitchen was finished. It was kind of my inspiration piece! I had wanted one for so long, and I use it almost every week! It makes baking so much fun!

Kitchenaid Food Chopper

Love this chopper! It is easy to work and makes quick work of chopping! I, like Ashley use it a lot for chopping pecans! I also love how the parts can go straight into the dishwasher!

The Iced Tea Pot by Mr. Coffee

Larry drinks a LOT of ice tea a day, so this little appliance saves me a lot of work! First of all, it makes really good tea and fast! It's hard to imagine but Larry drinks a least one pitcher a day! :) Luckily, we drink decaf! When I first got this, I was not so sure about it, but I have had it for YEARS and love it!!! It is the appliance that gets used EVERY day in my kitchen...right along with the coffeemaker!


JENNY said...

I LOVE all of your favorites, too. And, I love reading about all of your traditions.

Ashley said...

Yippieee!!! I'm so glad you did it AND so glad we can teach each other blog things! :) Love you!

Lauren said...

Mary Kay, I knew I loved you, but my love for you has reached a new level. You own a red Kitchen Aid. I've always secretly wished a red Kitchen Aid would be waiting for me under the Christmas tree. Love your favorites :)