Favorite room in my house...my kitchen! After years of planning, Larry and I finally built the kitchen of my dreams. I love everything about it, but the thing I love the most is when the WHOLE family is in there together, cooking, snacking, eating, washing dishes, it doesn't really matter what we are doing, I just love to hear the chatter of our family visiting and sharing life. Of course the aroma of something wonderful cooking doesn't hurt anything either! We love to entertain and God has been so good to us that sharing this home and food cooked in the kitchen just seems like very very small way to give back to Him. I love that our grandsons know exactly where the cookie jar is, love to help "bake" and the conversations that happen during those times are priceless. Thank you Larry for making the "heart of our home" so beautiful! 

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Ashley said...

I love your kitchen toooo!