The Love of my Life, Larry.
We were high school sweethearts! He is my soul mate. He is and has always been such a great hubby. He loves me, supports me, spoils me, comforts me, makes me laugh and encourages me. He is not only a great husband, but an amazing father and granddaddy or "Bud" as the boys refer to him. He has a heart of gold and will go out of way to help others. We love doing home projects together, cooking together, camping together and as of a year ago, we can add fly-fishing to our list of things we enjoy doing together. Larry patiently taught me how to fly fish last summer while on vacation in Colorado and we are now counting the days till we can go again! He really is such a blessing from God. God knew exactly what kind of man I needed! There are so many things we still want to do together...mostly traveling but it really doesn't matter what or where we are...I am just so blessed to have him by my side! Love you babe!!!

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