S-Sound of Music

Okay, call me "old school" but my ALL time favorite movie will remain "The Sound of Music"! Those hills are still alive for me! I can't really remember how old I was when my Mom and I went to see it at Westwood Theater on North 1st, but I can tell you exactly where we sat, etc. I was in love with it from the second it started. I cannot even begin to count the number of times I have seen it, but I am sure hundreds of times. I remember how delighted I was as a young mother, when it came on TV one day right after Christmas and we had just gotten our first VHS recorder! I taped it and watched it ALOT with Zach and Ashley. Just ask them, I used to sing and dance right along with Julie. We all knew most of the script but the kids could probably tell you all the commericals...which are hilarious! I don't actually watch the "taped version" anymore as my kids sweetly bought me my very own copy FREE of commercials several years ago! Maybe someday I will go to Salzburg, Austria and run across that same mountain top singing at the top of my lungs! Anyone want to go with me??? 


ashley said...

Me! I want to go! I am sure Daivd would love to as well...Oh, wait...HE STILL HASN'T SEEN IT! Maybe I should go rent it right now! :)

Brianna Allen said...

Well, I would definitely need to go to be your tour guide. I promise I won't charge as much as the normal tour guides. I'll give ya'll a discounted price. :)