O-Owen Austin Knight

Owen Austin Knight is our first grandson, who is a three and half years old. Some days when we are playing, I feel like I am with my own son, Zach. He not only looks like his daddy did, but he talks like him and has so many of the same mannerisms. He too is totally entertained with a rope (see Letter Z if this doesn't make sense!) and he already knows how to use most tools. He has outgrown plastic tools...he wants the real thing! He is a "worker-man". He loves to be outdoors and loves to go fishing! He is a very good brother to Clay and Will. We see his little personality developing, he loves to joke with us, and is very tender and concerned about others. He keeps us in stitches with his little vocabulary, which is growing each day with such big words. Our prayer for Owen, Clay and Will is and will always be that they will become great men of God. We look forward to seeing what all God has in store for them!

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