It's a boy!!

It's official.
Actually we have known this news for over a month now.
And I am sure my few followers already know the news.
But nonetheless...because this is my "journal" of sorts.
Ashley and David and Emma announced they are expecting a boy in May!
We of course knew they were pregnant but it was fun to learn that at their December sonogram everything looks good and healthy. That is such an answer to prayers!
At this sonogram they learned they are adding a boy to their family
and our fourth grandson!
We are thrilled for David and Ashley!
We are looking forward to meeting Jelly Bean (no name yet) on or around May 8th!
We love you little one and can hardly wait to meet you!!!

By the way, even though once again, my picture is not on my computer but David and Ashley had us and Emma open a big box that was filled with blue balloons! Cute way to reveal and we were thrilled! Larry guessed it, I thought it was another girl but honestly it didn't matter to us...
our prayer is a healthy little one!

Thanksgiving 2012

It was "our" year to be together at Thanksgiving.
We take turns with our kids...one year they are with us...the next with their other family.

Ashley, David and Emma arrived on Wednesday and it was so fun for the family to all be together!
We love our family time.
Thanksgiving was busy getting everything cooked and ready for a lunch time meal but oh so fun at the same time. I love having everyone in the house, helping, sneaking samples of the meal to come and visiting while preparing the meal.

I love cooking and baking but this is the meal that tugs at my heartstrings too.
I loved doing this meal with my Mom. I was always the "taster" when it came time to testing the dressing! We had so much fun cooking together so she is never far away from my thoughts when I fix her recipe for dressing and my grandmother, Murdee's, pecan pie.
It's fun to share these traditions with my family as well.

A funny little story:
Ashley kept telling Emma she was so excited for Thanksgiving and dressing! Well, Emma would always say "Dressing! What are you going to be?" 
To her dressing, is getting dressed up...like for Halloween.
She would always want to know what Ashley was going to be! :)
So, on Thanksgiving morning, while we were getting ready she begin to talk about get dressed. So, Emma and I took a little break and made her a little vest and head dress so she could be an Indian!

The kids had such fun raking leaves. What can I say...child labor! :)
They had a blast raking them into a big pile and jumping into them. 
I love that it takes so little to entertain them and the weather was perfect!
I love this picture! The boys were so sweet to take Emma for rides in the wheelbarrow. Also, I love how David plays with the boys...they think Uncle Da-Da is so cool and fun.
We also played a fun game of Croquet, we recently got an old set (free!) and so the boys were so anxious to set it up and play!

Here are a couple more of my favorites...like I said....who knew leaves could be so entertaining?!?!?!

We could not have asked for a better day. It was such a fun day of being together. 
The next morning we got a call that Larry's dad had taken a fall and so Larry and I spent the rest of the day and pretty much the next 19 days at the hospital. It has been quite a whirlwind of events and decisions. Thankfully, Darrell got what he wanted and that was to get to go back to their house at Hawley. I am not sure how long that will last but for now, we are doing our best to take care of their needs which means a lot of trips back and forth to Hawley. But, hey, these two people loved and raised a precious man whom I am very thankful to be married to! So, its the least I can do to repay them!

They are getting so big!

Okay, I am SO far behind on blogging. I am feeling overwhelmed. I am so behind. So...to start with we attended 3 adorable (no surprise, they have a very talented mommy) birthday parties for our three grandsons this past year. Here is just a little snippet from each party...

Clay turned 6 in June (yes, like I said...I am a little behind!)
Its fun to have a summer birthday...especially a swim party and since these little boys are such little fish it was no surprise when Clay asked to have his party at the Swim Club.
 Table full of very yummy food
 I have trouble icing a flat cake, so Meg amazed me with her ball shaped cake! Clever!
 Our beautiful blue-eyed boy!
 It was so fun that Emma & Ashley were in town. Emma and her Uncle Zach hanging out.
 Oh this brings back memories. I loved it when my Dad would toss me in the air at the pool. Zach is so strong so he can send them sailing...and they love it!
Look at just how cute those three boys are!

Then the next birthday was Owen's in November! How can he be 8? 
Another adorable party. Owen wanted a camping party at Abilene State Park.
This year was the first ALL boy party and they got to stay overnight. 
We were so blessed that he wanted Bud & Honey to join them for lunch. I feel extremely blessed as I know he probably won't always want us at his parties...but I can hope he will! :)
Check out this adorable cake!!! And the decorations...adorable!
 Yummy snacks...with such cute little tags! It's all in the details! :)

 Owen, growing up!!!!!
 Owen, Clay and Will and his other boy friends. 
 What a sweet little boy!

Then a few weeks after Owen's party, Will turned 5!
It is so hard for me to grasp how quickly they are growing up.
He decided he wanted an Angry Birds Party. Ha. Meg always does such a cute job with their parties and I thought this one might stump her a bit...WRONG. Once again, she made it super cute and it was just perfect for Will!
 Aren't those such cute cupcakes! I can't even imagine the time those had to have taken! 
Okay, now comes the sad part. I don't know what happened to the other pictures from his party. I can't find them. So, I don't have a picture of him at the party. But he had a huge smile and had so much fun playing with his friends and brothers. 
But here he is a few weeks before he turned 5! Doing what he does best, loving and trying to pick a fight with his dad! He loves to be in his Dad's arms! He is such an charmer and such a precious little guy with such a funny little personality. 

So, Happy Birthday to our three little guys!
We love being in town with them, watching them grow, hanging out and seeing their little personalities take shape. 
We are so blessed!