Favorite Things Friday-Craft Products

Oh boy! If you know me, you know I love crafts! Narrowing it down to my 3 favorites...that could be tough!

Fiskar Paper Trimmer

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I am challenged when it comes it cutting a straight line, so this little jewel makes quick work of it. I use it in my scrapbooking, crafting, card making...let's just say I keep replacement blades on hand!

Omnigrid Rulers

My sweet crazy creative friend Pam, has several of these and every time we do a craft project together we use them. I love them! So, I put that on my birthday and Christmas list and my sweet daughter purchased me 3 different sizes! Yahoo. I have this secret (I guess it isn't a secret anymore) desire to learn how to quilt and these little rulers will be great! But already I have used them so much in my paper crafts!

12x12 Organizing Boxes

Before I had these, my scrapbook paper was always in a mess. I slowly started adding one at a time (every time they were on 1/2 off I would get one!) and I not only use them for my paper but also other crafting supplies.


JENNY said...

I wish I was crafty like you and Ashley. You are both SO creative!!

Ashley said...

I love all of yours too! Can I add them to my list? :)

JENNY said...

Okay, now I really need a piece of red velvet cake and one, whole moon pie. Those recipes sound DELICIOUS! I remember Ashley always talking about your red velvet cake. :) Thanks for sharing.

Kayla Hewitt said...

I am totally with you on the RSVPs, Mary Kay. That's one of my pet peeves, too. I also really hate when people RSVP "Maybe." There are very few situations where you would actually not know whether you were able to attend. I feel like people use Maybe as a way to get out of an event if something better comes up. That's rude!

Stepping off my soapbox, I love red velvet cake! But Darby and I are firmly in the cream cheese frosting camp. :)I usually make a double batch of frosting, so that there's almost as much frosting as cake.

The Watson's said...

First off...the detailed description of every single calorie in that cake is making me want a piece SO bad. I am STARVING over here. Good thing there is nothing sweet in the house for me to eat right now! Ha! And secondly, I wish I had a bit of yalls craftiness! Meg has taught me quite a lot and I think the 3 of yall know just about all there is! Yall are amazing!