Some "two on one" time

Larry and I made the decision we would start a new tradition this year, especially since we don't have any! Ha. :) We began it last night and it was a good decision! Once a month, we will have one of our grandsons spend the night with us. One boy at a time. We feel like in the busyness of our lives, we were really losing getting to know each one! They are changing so much, growing up so quickly and we just wanted to have some time to just be with each one. So, last night was our first "two on one" time. We picked up Owen and headed to Chili's. We had a lovely supper, it was so fun to sit and talk to him! He told us all his new school! He started Stepping Stones last week, a preschool a dear friend of ours owns. Sherri Luttrell is an amazing teacher and has such a way with children! We are delighted that Owen gets to attend her school. He loves it!! We ended the meal with a little dessert and it is always fun to watch Owen dive into a little ice cream and chocolate! Then we came home, got in our PJ's and played with Lego's! Zach had quite a collection of Lego's when he was a young boy and it was the first time we had gotten them out for the boys. We had so much fun! Then it was time for bed! Owen had asked at supper if he could sleep in our room on a pallet, it was fun to have him so near! He picked out two books and I laid on his pallet and read to him by flashlight. This morning we woke up and made donuts for breakfast. Owen got to cut the holes and dip them in sugar after the were cooked, so he was feeling like a chef! Then more play time with the Lego's before he and Bud headed out to the shop to "work". We fixed Pizzas for lunch before taking him home. I am not sure who had more fun. Larry and I both had such a great time being able to really talk to Owen, play with him, get some good snuggles and give him some good two on one time! We are already looking forward to February and spending with Clay! Then Will's month will be March!! Owen asked when we were taking him home, why he couldn't stay for 300 more days! He said he "really really really wanted our slumber party to last longer"! So, I would have to say we weren't the only one that enjoyed it! Now, we just have to get a little creative and figure out how to make these same times with our sweet little granddaughter! Guess David and Ashley will just have to go on some more dates!!! :)


annalee said...

what a great idea! i just love it.

Ashley said...

I know he had a blast. I can't wait till Emma can have a slumber party with Bud & Honey! :)

Hannah said...

that is so sweet. you guys are such amazing grandparents!