Do you ever wonder how a tradition starts??

Okay, as you can see from my blogs last month, we like traditions! We are funny that way. Sometime, we really don't intend on a tradition starting...it just kind of happens. Case in point.
Whenever it is a birthday or really any occasion that we might be giving a little treat, we will say "Get on the couch and close your eyes!" So the person will sit on the couch, close their eyes and hold open their hands. That was not really suppose to be a tradition...but it sure has turned into one! We did it with our kids. We did it once with the grands and now ANYTIME you have something to give someone else, you must go to the couch and close your eyes! What do you do if you are not at home? Well, you just sit wherever and close those eyes! It is really adorable! Like one year at Knight Camp, I was going to give the boys their new waterguns. I told them I was going in the camper to get a special little treat. When I came out of the camper...here is what I saw!

It that not the cutest picture of Owen? So sweet!!!
So no surprise, when it was time for stockings Christmas morning and Bud and Honey came into the den with them and this is what we saw!

Okay, so maybe Will doesn't have down the whole close your eyes part...but he is sitting! I love this picture of Clay...he is working hard to keep those eyes closed.


Lauren said...

Will is so cute in that last picture! I love all your precious traditions, Mary Kay! You are such a rich blessing to so many. Love to you sweet friend :)

Ashley said...

I LOVE both of those pictures! SO SO cute!!
I think you should keep posting about traditions through the year! :)

Kayla Hewitt said...

Those pictures are so cute! I miss those little guys (and their Honey!)

The Watson's said...

Ha! Oh. My. Goodness!!! So cute! I LOVE those boys!!! Absolutely precious pictures!