Do you remember?

I don't guess it doesn't matters how old we get...I think we all remember learning to ride a bike. Well, we have been watching Owen over the past few weeks master a rather large tricyle. Bud (Larry) found an all-terain mega-tricyle at a garage sale when Owen was about 6 months old! It seems like forever, Owen would work just to get up on the seat but even with as much determination as he had...his little legs just couldn't reach the pedals. But this fall, with another growth spurt on Owen's part and Bud finally figuring out a way to move the seat up a bit...Owen can firmly plant his little feet on the pedals! Don't you just remember those days...trying to get all "your parts" to work together! Push this foot down, now the other foot, while keeping the bike from running into anything! Yes...it is just a tricycle...and there will be skins knees and elbows when the bike day arrives...but nonetheless Owen could not be prouder of himself! After all, he is now a "Biker-man". This past weekend, he came to the house, instructed me what chair to sit in on the back porch as he perfected his newly acquired tricyle riding skills! Funny how much joy you can find in the simple things in life!

Clay, of course "thinks" he is big enough to do it too...but sadly his little legs have some growing to do. Like I said...this tricyle is big! For now, Clay enjoyed himself perched upon the tractor...because really what's really fun right now is just being about to be outside in the beautiful Fall days God has blessed us with! To make the day complete, we were able to actually sit outside for our evening meal! The little guys got to sit at the new picnic table...it is perfect!

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