Honey's Art Institute

Yep, sounds pretty official, huh! Zach and Meg asked me if I would like to teach Owen and Clay Art this year! Zach and Meg are homeschooling their kids and one day a week they attend a Homeschool Co-Op where they take some special classes. Last year one of the classes was Art, but this year it is Music. Not only will that be such a fun subject for me to teach, it will be such a great way for me to be involved in their homeschooling...in a small way. If you know me, you know I love to do Art Projects! But this will be more than just drawing, painting, etc. We will also be learning about famous Artist and different elements of Art, which is where we started. I am so excited and cannot get over all the ideas I have floating in my head of things to do with them. They have been SO well behaved and we are off to a great little start! Here are just a few pictures from our first lesson, I had them do their self-portrait.

We are pretty excited about all the things we will learn.
I am pretty excited about watching my little budding artist!
We talked about having an Art Show at the end of the year...
I have a feeling we will have lots of amazing art work to show off!
They wanted to know if we could serve refreshments...like a real Art Show!
Also, Owen asked if he could sell some of his pieces! 
Gotta love that boy...he is all about making money right now!
Well it is off to plan my next little lesson...


Kayla said...

How fun! What a great idea! I'm sure the boys will absolutely love Honey's Art Institute.

Wendi said...

I love this! How fun!!

Kim W. said...

I love it! I am very impressed...but then again, I am not. I expect the best from you. ;)

Ashley said...

So fun, I wish I could come! :)