"Our" little guys

I always heard that grandkids were more fun than your own kids. I hate to admit it but each time I heard that comment, I thought to myself, "You don't know my kids, I can't IMAGINE it being more fun than being a parent". I guess my whole life I wanted to be a Mom, I really felt like I was in my element. But, now I have to admit that "they" were right. Having grandkids is so much fun! I keep trying to figure out how it is different. Bottom line...there is no pressure...just fun. You just get to love on them and you aren't concerned about the house, meals, laundry, bills, etc. You are just enjoying and relishing in every single moment. To hear Owen call out "Honey, you wanta play ball wif me?" Ahh...music to my ears. Or Clay with those precious chubby little hands and big blue eyes to reach out for me...yeah...life just can't get much better. So, to all those "grandmothers" I doubted, forgive me! I am trying my best to pass the word on to those who haven't experienced grandparenting yet...but then again...it is just one of those moments you have to experience it to believe it!


ashley said...

Cute Little Boys!!!

Chelsie said...

Love the new blog:)!