Emma Grace is ONE YEAR OLD TODAY!!!!

Wow, where has the time gone? Today, one year ago, we welcomed another grandchild into our hearts. Emma Grace Snow, like the three before, has just stolen our hearts. We have so many wonderful memories of this past year, watching you grow little girl. You were placed into the loving arms of a wonderful mommy and daddy. We have watched their hearts expand beyond measure. We have seen their eyes opened to the love that God must have for us, that I think you truly understand when you have a child of your own. We have watched them delight in every "firsts" you have made! We love you so much little girl. We continue to pray that God will richly bless your life with good health, good decisions and we pray that you will continue to grow in God's sweet love and always rely on Him to show you His plan for your life!
Here are just a few pictures from our sweet times together through the last year! Love you baby girl!!! (Or as Bud refers to you Tater Tot. Sidenote: Larry has always called Ashley "Tater" so when Emma came, he started referring to her as "Tater Tot").


karen said...

i love this pictorial chronicle of emma's first year! such sweet moments captured on film.
and i really love larry's nickname for emma. that is priceless!
happy first birthday, emma!

Lauren said...

She is such a little doll! I'm so thankful she has so many who love her. I know David and Ashley love her so much and that they are such wonderful parents to their precious little miracle! I love her so much, from Abilene. I'm so thankful she has such a wonderful Bud and Honey to spoil, teach, and watch her grow.

Ashley said...

Look how tiny she was!! Isn't it hard to believe she's a year old!! She is one blessed little girl to have such wonderful grandparents! We love you guys & thanks for all the love & support you give her! {and us!}

Kim W. said...

She is a doll!! It's been fun watching her grow in pictures this year...and a few times in person. Sure hope they get to move this way! JK would love to have another fun friend in town! ;) Sweet post. Your 4 grandkids are very lucky to have you. I listened to your oldest grandson tell me the sweetest things about yall the other day! Cracked me up! He is so precious! They all are!