A very sweet little party for a very sweet little girl!

As a Mom, I always loved planning my kids birthday parties, so it has always been fun to watch Meg and now Ashley as they plan and throw adorable birthday parties! My two girls are so talented. This past weekend, we were very honored to be the host home for Emma's birthday party! For the past several years, the boys of the family have gone dove hunting on Labor Day Weekend. It has become a tradition. David's father and usually his brother (missed you this year Blake!) come and so Patti, David's mom comes along to play with the girls. Since we were all going to be together, Ashley and David made the decision to have Emma's birthday party while everyone was here...so that all the grandparents and little cousins could attend.

I am SO very proud of Ashley. She did an amazing job on EVERY little detail, as you will see in the pictures!! It was fun to get to help decorate and help her with food prep but the best job was holding and playing with Emma while she worked on things! :) It was such a fun weekend.

Emma was a complete doll for her birthday! She took every thing in with such cute little squeals, oohs and aahhs. She loved all the decorations! She pointed at them and got so excited every time she would come into the dining room! Emma is such a sweet mannered little girl and she was so precious the entire weekend! She is so easy going and just took it all in!! It was a wonderful weekend with family and friends!

So...here are some of the fun details and sweet moments of the weekend!!

My two precious girls!
My wreath, reworked for the party!
Ashley made adorable little signs for everything...adorable!!

The cute little bean bag toss game
Ashley, Emma and Honey
Her favorite part...squeezing the cake between her fingers!
Now that is a sweet little hand!
Precious cousins...Will, Owen, Clay and Emma


Ashley said...

It was so fun! Thanks for all your help & letting us take over the house! :)

The Watsons said...

I still can't believe I missed that party!! Bummer! I am always free on weekends, what bad timing on my part! :) Anyhow, super cute pictures, of a super cute little girl. The party really was just adorable...I think you and Ashley need to help little ole me out over here! Haha! Hope yall are well.