alphabet soup...a b c's of me!

saw this on another blog, thought it could be fun.

{A} Age: 54. can't believe it, don't feel that old, but oh well...it is what it is.

{B} Bed size: king. no other way to sleep. i don't like to be touched when i'm snoozing...sorry larry.

{C} Chore you hate: taking out the trash. mopping our floors...thankfully larry does it for me most of the time. :)

{D} Dogs?: none. our lab, bj, died about a year ago. miss him. not so much that i am ready for my backyard to be destroyed again.

{E} Essential start to your day: coffee and then a shower and then more coffee.

{F} Favorite color: blue

{G} Gold or silver: silver now, though my wedding ring is gold.

{H} Height: 5'2" and eyes of blue!

{I} Instruments you play: none.

{J} Job title: part-time stay at home wife/honey/mom. part-time helper for larry and zach's companies. basically, i help where ever and when ever i am needed.

{K} Kids: two grown. zach, 31 and ashley 28. four grands, 6,4,3 and 18 months

{L} Live: abilene, texas

{M} Mom's name: to me, mom. to my children it was, nanny. my name to my kids, mom. my name to grands. honey

{N} Nicknames: mk, used to be called punkin by my dad.

{O} Overnight hospital stays: babies '79 & '82. thyroid and hysterectomy surgeries.

{P} Pet peeve: being late. rude drivers...maybe that is why they are rude...because they are running late. :)

{Q} Quote: Be still and know that I am God. Psalms 46:10. easier said than done sometimes, but i am trying to listen.

{R} Right or left handed: right.

{S} Siblings: one brother, three years OLDer than me. love you bro.

{T} Time you wake up: 6:00ish, but on occasion when i can stretch it to 7, i feel spoiled.

{U} Underwear: yes. (seriously? why is that a question?)

{V} Vegetable you dislike: i love all veggies

{W} What makes you run late: ha, since that is my pet peeve i try not to let that happen, though having longer hair takes so much more time to get ready!

{X} X-rays you've had done: back, dental, foot, back, ribs. wow, i should be glowing!

{Y} Yummy food you make: larry is in love with my newest attempts at pizza

{Z} Zoo, favorite animal: i am going with monkeys and the adorable baby lion cubs we have right now at our zoo.


Wendi said...

Cute!! I hate mopping the floors too. Thank goodness for our husband's help with chores. :)

Brianna Allen said...

Did someone else start your nickname as MK? Or was that me? Either way, I feel cool that I get to call you by a nickname. ;) loved reading this. I tried to guess a lot of them before I read them. Fun little game.

Ashley said...

I love this! Very cute!

emily said...

fun! I may have to copy you :) LOVE the Knight Camp tee!!!! Can't wait for pics!

Kim W. said...

This was so fun to read!! I loved it! Learned some really neat things about you! You are the best.