Red Dinners 2012

We love having Red Dinner's, where our food is basically red or shades of red!
We weren't able to get all the grands together for one dinner but no worries...we will just do two!

I went to see Ashley and Emma while David was on a business trip so we celebrated while there. It was so fun to do all sorts of little crafts, have a red and PINK (her favorite color) and play Valentine Bingo. It was fun to have Ashley "attend" and Emma-girl loved it!

Opening a little gift from Bud and Honey

Sorry...this is blurry but I had to share. Emma cracks me up. She can be so relaxed and laid-back ! She was watching a little movie before we headed out shopping. Love it!

 I got to take Emma to school...so fun! I wish I had a video of her when we went back to pick her up, she was so delighted and said "Honey, you came back!" :)
She tells her mommy that every time she picks her up...as if Ashley normally doesn't???
 Before school....
 And after school...a little frozen yogurt date...what color did Emma want? PINK of course!

 Another treat...I got to feel little Jelly Bean getting on "his groove" in my daughters belly.
Very special...and I am already in love with this little one!
 Emma riding with Bert and Ernie on one of our shopping stops.

 We ran by the local Mansfield Cupcake store for a few special cupcakes for our dinner!
She was so excited about our stop at the cupcake store...this girl has a sweet tooth for good eats!

The only problem...I have no pictures of our dinner. Oh Ashley....

Then it was back home to celebrate with the boys!
Red Dinner (no PINK...these boys are boys and they aren't a fan of pink!!!!)

The boys spent the night with us, allowing Mom and Dad to have a date and quiet evening. We had lots of fun with games (several I found on Pinterest....minute to win it themed), Bingo, crafts and even time for a movie and popcorn! 

I thought it would be fun to eat by candlelight!
I want all our grandchildren to feel like we always cherish our time with them and that any time we get to be with them is a very special occasion for us! Now, that doesn't mean I use candles every time I feed them but I do want them to have opportunities at our home to feel royally treated!

While I put away dinner and got ready for other games...Bud and the boys enjoyed a little checkers! They love playing with him and its obvious they are learning some strategy!

The "minute to win it" type games were a huge hit. We will be repeating this activity again as the boys are just at that perfect age to love games and love to be challenged!
This one involved them trying to throw tiny wadded up pieces of paper at a wall of tape!
 They loved it! They had one minute to see how many pieces they could get to stick!
More challenging than you would think! Each boys paper was a different color and at the end of the minute we would count the pieces that stuck!
Stacking conversation hearts as high as you can in a minute!
Love the tongue!
 Sometimes it would fall but they could start over.
Didn't take Clay long to figure out to build a solid base first!

 Picking up hearts with chopsticks, seeing how many you could put on your plate in a minute!
Marshmallow toss...they loved this!
 Catching marshmallows

 Having a cookie put on your forehead and getting it down to your mouth without dropping it and with no hands...leave it to our chocolate lover to figure out how to make this happen the fastest!
 Three precious little boys.
Full of energy and sweetness!
We love spending time with these kids...they are all so fun and always so sweet and well behaved. Thank you Zach, Meg, David and Ashley for raising such sweethearts!!!

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