Santa and this girl...


We were able to do another tradition that has become quite special. For the last three years, we have taken Emma to see Santa at the North Park Mall in Dallas. First of all, I think this really could be Santa. He is so nice, so sincere, so good with kids and he looks like Santa! He is the real deal!

We had to wait our turn...our time to see Santa was SEVERAL hours after we got our ticket. Lots of kids there to see him each year. We went to his story time, shopped a bit, ate lunch, watched a puppet show, watched a choir and a band and through it all, Emma was so precious and sweet. She would ask ever once in a while if it were her time to talk to Santa but was so patient!!

Precious. She marched right in, climbed up in his lap and proceeded to check out his digs. It was pretty funny, because he was trying to talk to her but she was busy looking at all the things in his room but then she finally came back around to him and gave him her full attention. He read her letter, they discussed if she had been good and all the while I was snapping pictures because she was so sweet looking at his face...as if she wanted to never forget every detail of it.

Letter in hand...patiently waiting in line.


She was really ready to get down, but she said her goodbyes and he gave her a picture of him...and boy did she hang on to that the rest of the day!

Love this tradition with my girls. Love. Love. Love.


Ashley said...

I love love love this tradition too!! And it's so fun to look back on these sweet pictures! So precious & fun!

karen said...

could this post be any sweeter? i don't think so! what a wonderful time of year! and so special that you three girls make a point to celebrate in such a fun and festive way! emma is super cute in all of these pictures! what a doll!