A very special camp-out

After Knight Camp this year, we discovered something. We can never get enough one on one time with our grands. We love having them as a group...but there is just something about having just one of them. Time to not have to share the "talking-time" with anyone else. We noticed that Owen really seemed to cherish the few minutes of time he got with Bud by the campfire after the brothers had headed in for baths and book time with Honey. He talked and talked to Larry and he mentioned to me several times the next day how he enjoyed getting to be with Bud alone. It pricked our hearts so we came home thinking and Larry decided to take Owen on a little camp out all alone. He decided each time one of the grands turns 8 one of us will try to do something special alone with them. It isn't the only time we will try to do one on one time...but just to give them something to look forward to...when you turn 8...you and Bud get to go camping!

Larry asked me to plan the meals, which I was happy to do! After all, camping out and camp food is just so fun. Larry gathered up the tent, the fishing gear and he and Owen headed to Abilene State Park for two nights. Oh my! They had such fun and even though they didn't catch any fish...you could just tell it was a very special time for both of them. Here are a few pictures that Larry took of their time together! As you can tell, it ended up being a bit cold but that did not stop these two! They just put on more clothes and enjoyed the fire a bit longer! 

 Bud is brave. He decided to teach Owen how to chop wood. I am not sure I would have been so brave but Owen is a quick learner and safety first was of course taught!
Learning this skill made someone feel quite big!
 Many serious games of checkers were enjoyed by the campfire!

 What a camp out without a few very unhealthy foods! Ha.
I sent a can of cheese! I didn't realize that Owen had never seen such an item...
and he was quite taken with it! Sorry Meg and Zach!

 Bud also taught him to widdle. I am telling you, Bud is one brave guy! 

I have no doubt in my mind that this little guy will not forget this weekend!
The two at home are counting the years till they will turn 8!
It will be interesting to see if Emma wants a  campout with Bud or wants to do something with Honey. 
Then before we know it, and as I type this I realize he hasn't even been born yet...
Bud will be taking Hudson! I say that because it seems like only yesterday Owen was born!
8 YEARS OLD...how can it be!

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