Those little hands...

I never want to forget this. I know from experience of watching our own kids quickly growing up right before my eyes...I am once again reminded of how quickly that happens. Our grands are growing so fast...getting so big. They have all had little things that tug on my heart strings. This is one of them!
 How those little chubby hands are pretty much all the time holding Mickey...and possible another "friend" is she is so inclined. But always "Gickie Mouse".

The delight over watching Pocoyo before bedtime. 

And the curls and the eyelashes.

 And how if she is busy eating, "Gickie Mouse" can sit and watch her eat. 

And how excited she can get over "Pink" ice cream! :)
It's the small things really, isn't it?

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karen said...

i LOVE this post! i love how you have captured those sweet remembrances in words and in pictures. you are truly living in the moment to stop and realize how important these times are!!! you are such a good honey!