Hand full of love...

I can count them on one hand now...5 fingers..5 grandchildren.
Owen, Clay, Will, Emma and now...

Born on April 24, 2013 at 5:39 PM
Weighing in at 7 pounds and 6 ounces and 20 inches of sweetness.

 First hour of Hudson's life
 First hug from sister...have a feeling he will get lots of those in his life
 First family picture of this little family of four
 First outfit of his life...also have a feeling there will be lots of these by the looks of his closet
 Second day of life...another look at this new little guy who has stole my heart...just like all the rest!
 Taking brother home...big sister so excited!

 First week...many pictures of this precious sleeping one
 Yep, he too has me wrapped around his around his finger!

Love this picture...Emma is so in love with this "baby brudder".

Our initial reactions and thoughts.
The MOST laid back little fellow.
Sweetest little face.
A little snuggle bunny.
Great sleeper.
So chilled out and easy going.
And yes, we are already so in love...the heart just gets bigger and bigger with love for these precious little souls that God has so graciously allowed us to enjoy and love on! We are extremely blessed.

We are so very thankful that Ashley did great in labor and that it went fast for her. She did amazing! She is such a good little mommy.

Emma is loving being a big sister. She loves Hudson. She says probably at least 20 times a day....
"Ohhhhh...he is just soooo cute" and pats his head and says "Good boy". :)
And also says to her mommy, "He came out!". I don't think things could have gone much better...she loves him and has been super sweet about it all.

I got to stay the first week after they came home from the hospital. It was super busy but super fun.
I love getting to spoil on everyone. My heart came home full of good memories, sweet moments with Ashley, David, Emma and Hudson. I have to say being away from this little one who changes EVERY single day...or at least it appears so from pictures my sweet daughter sends me almost every day...you just forget how much they change at this stage of early life.

We are completely in love. As with the 4 grandkids before Hudson...life just continues to get sweeter and sweeter. We could not ask for me. We have 5 healthy, beautiful grand children who have amazing parents who look after them, nurture then in all sorts of ways...physically, emotionally and most important spiritually. We love watching our "kids" be parents. It is such a gift from God.
The end...and a sweet little ending it is!

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Ashley said...

Such a sweet post. I know five very blessed kids to have such wonderful grandparents. We love you & are so thankful for you & all of your sweet help.