Hudson's room...

(Disclaimer. I had this written before Hudson arrived but was waiting to get a few pictures off of Ashley's camera (mine died! sniff-sniff) before I posted. Then Hudson decided to come 2 weeks early so I am just getting back to catching up with blogging)

Hudson's room is ready...well, I think there are a few last things his Mom is trying to finish up but finished enough to welcome him there...so come on Hudson, you can make your appearance anytime! :)
I wanted to document a few pictures before he arrives.

Larry once again made the dresser, as I mentioned in my Easter post but here is another shot of it and a couple more. Ashley really wanted Hudson's nursery to be something that his Daddy would love...and I think you did a great job Ashley! Not only is it adorable, but I am just betting Hudson's dad is a big fan!

 Here is the dresser Larry built.
And the cute "vintage western"decorations
 This picture isn't great but Larry made the lamp from an old barn lantern that belong to Joe & Patti (Hudson's grandparents) and Ashley found a cute burlap shade to top it off.
 Bookshelf...with some cute vintage tins. Ashley isn't through with this wall but I took a picture, anyway! 
I made Hudson a pillow for the brown rocker.

The crib. So cute and such a fun mix of fabrics. We love Cabbage Rose.

It was fun to get to help Ashley again with the nursery. She is sweet to let me be a part of the decorating...it is something we so enjoy doing together.

Now all we need is Hudson Whitfield to make this little room PERFECT!!!!


Chelsie Sargent said...

It's perfect:)

Ashley said...

Yea! I still need to do a post on his room & all the details! Or maybe I'll just link to yours! :) hehe!
Each time I look at the dresser & pillow I think of you two & just LOVE both!!!