Easter...Part Two

The next evening Zach, Meg and the boys came for dinner and an Easter Egg hunt.
It was soooo good to see them! We were so anxious to celebrate with them and also hear all about their trip! We started with the Easter Egg hunt. The boys are always so sweet and excited about the hunt. I decided this year, to make things a little more challenging since they are getting so good at finding their eggs! So, each boy had to look for a particular color and to make things a bit more fun...when they found one they had to carry it with a spoon to their Easter basket. They boys are so much fun and love any kind of challenge or game so they got right into it! It at least made the hunt last more than 5 minutes! We had lots of fun watching them and enjoyed hearing their little giggles!

They had such fun and after they found all their eggs we headed inside for 
our Easter meal. We had such fun sitting, eating and hearing about Zach and Meg's trip. 
They boys opened their other Easter treats and had fun playing (and eating) some of their goodies!

It has been a tradition to take pictures in our backyard on Easter Sunday, so the following Sunday we were so excited that Zach, Meg and the boys joined us for church at Hillcrest and then we went back to the house and took pictures. Oh my...how fun...but these boys are growing so fast and getting so big! It is really hard for me to pick my favorites because there are so many but here are some...
Love this family!!! I also am in love with these little boys ties! This was a first (yep, noticed their father choose not to join them!:) ) No pressure Zach! 
They were so handsome and they were so excited to wear them! Feeling pretty big!

William Texas Knight-Age 5
 This might be a more realistic view of Will...he is such a little "ham"!

Clayton Grant Knight-Age 6 1/2 

 Our sweet little goofy boy! 

Owen Austin Knight- Age 8
 "Joe Cool"
 Getting a good picture of all three at the same time can be challenging...but I always crack up at the expressions...seems like every shot one of them is acting goofy or giving us "the look"! 
 Oh my word...I love this picture...for so many reasons but mostly because this is truly them!!!
And I love them to pieces!!!

Bud, Owen, Honey, Will and Clay...oh how blessed we are!!!!

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