She is out of surgery...

Pam, Emily's mom, just called.
Emily is out of surgery and we are so thankful.
Crohn's has taken a toil on more of her small intestine and more had to be removed. This same thing happened in December. This is very concerning. We all NEED our small intestines!

We need to pray that God will remove Crohn's from sweet precious Emily's body!
We know He can!

The recovery for this surgery is horrible. Please pray that God will wrap Emily in His loving arms and keep the pain at bay. Pray God will bless, strengthen and comfort her precious hubby and parents as they care for her through this long road of recovery.

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Kim W. said...

I prayed for her several times today after I got a text from Meg. And I cried...these pregnancy hormones are always something else, aren't they!? Anyhow, glad to hear things are good for now, and will be praying for things to continue to get better and for complete healing.