Update on Emily...

Sorry it has been several days since I updated. It had been much of the same with Emily. She continues to rest in ICU. BUT today, I have been texting back and forth with her! That says a ton to me. She is feeling better! She really is hoping to be moved to a room, when one opens up. Then she even says they are talking about sending her home in a few days...but first she needs to eat and things need to "process"! Please pray that eating today goes well. She is anxious and nervous! Of course, it has been 11 days since she ate last! Ugh. Please continue to ask God to not only help her heal but to take this nasty Crohn's away from her and to keep this little baby inside her safe!!! We know He can do anything! SO pray big people!!! Thank you to all who have been faithful prayer warriors! I love you and I know the Trices/Machts do!!!

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