Dear friends, I come again asking for prayers.
Emily was moved to ICU last night with fever and a heart rate of 160.
The good thing is she is in an area now that she can be monitored even closer and they have lowered the temp and the heart rate.
But of course, we are still quite concerned.
Her poor husband is carrying a heavy load as are her parents.
Pam and Gordon are in the process of moving to Colorado...this week! The moving van unloaded a house full of boxes and furniture Thursday. They are living at Dave and Emily's house, taking care of little Emmett but you can only imagine all the craziness! Their hearts, minds and energy is totally going to Emmett and Emily! Please continue to lift this precious family up in prayer!
Thank you again for all the kind words and more importantly, your prayers!

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Lisa Maloney said...

Mary Kay, thank you for sharing. Praying for Emily and the whole family.