More prayers needed...

I am copying what was posted on Emily's blog this morning. A dear friend of Emily's has been keeping her blog while Emily has been in the hospital. We received word yesterday that there were new concerns, so as you can see, we all need to continue to pray pray pray!!!

Emily did not go home yesterday because doctors are concerned about possible infection. Please pray against post-surgical infections. Please also pray for her appetite to return as well as normal body function. They are thankful that all seems well with the baby. My limited communications with Dave and Emily always are full of steadfastness and gratitude on their part. They are a great team.

As you continue in prayer for them, I hope you'll be encouraged by this quote as I was this morning:

"We must repeat the same supplications not twice or three times only, but as often as often as we have need, a hundred and a thousand times. ... We must never weary in waiting for God's help." -- John Calvin, quoted inPrayer by Richard Foster

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