Easter 2011

Like I said earlier, my posting has fallen quite behind. But for memory sake, and since this is "my diary-journal" of sorts...I will try to do some catching up.

Easter 2011-A blessed time indeed!

We had the great joy of having all our kids home for the holiday. It just gets better and better. Now that Emma is old enough to "romp" around with the boys and they have realized she wasn't always going to be the "baby on the blanket", they are just having so much fun playing together! She loves her cousins and since they are the only cousins she has...they are pretty special to her!

David, Ashley and Emma arrived on Friday evening and so enjoyed a little Emma time before she was put to bed for the night.

Saturday morning, David and Larry went hunting while Zach, Meg, Ashley and I took the cousins for a little photo shoot! It cracks me up to look at ALL the pictures (which trust me I want post all since there were over 500!) because it would make a great flip book! Each picture shows a slightly different facial expression on one of the kids! So funny and yet so challenging to really get one good one of all of them! Here are just a few of my favorites:

 Will, Clay, Emma and Owen
 Owen, Clay, Will and Emma
Will taking his job serious in holding Emma's hand!

This one cracks me up...well there were LOTS like this...the kids just weren't as in to having the pictures made as the adults! Ha. 
So sweet! Though not all look at the camera!

After we finished with the group pictures, the parents took some of their own kids. Problem is, I don't have Zach and Meg's pictures yet. One of these days! 
Here are a few favorites of Emma:

After pictures, we all met at Lucy's for a burger! (Yum. Abilene folks, if you haven't checked our Lucy's burgers on North Treadaway, you must go!!). Then it was time for naps...for the little kids.
The evening was filled with play time, making an Easter Gingerbread House and just hanging out as a family with a little dinner mixed in there too!

Easter Sunday
We decided to try for a few family pictures before hunting eggs...but we made it quick because we had some very excited little kids!

Okay, now FINALLY we had taken enough pictures and believe me, I am sparing you the agony of all of them...though of course if you want to see them all...I am HAPPY to show you! :)
It was Easter Basket Time!!
This year, the kids baskets were "colored themed" with all sorts of fun little trinkets in their basket color!

Then while we were having "basket time" something crazy happened...
THE EASTER BUNNY CAME!!!! Sneaky, huh!!!
So, it was time to gather eggs...and yes...you could only look for your color! Made it a little more challenging for the big guys and gave Emma a little help too!

 Okay, once again, I apologize for the lack of pictures. I didn't even take my camera out this year, because Ashley, Zach and Meg all had one in their hands. So...as soon as I have more of the boys, I will have to post. Ashley had her cord with her so we downloaded them right on to the computer that day, which made it so easy and I had instant pictures to look at! 

We are so blessed by these two families. They are raising good kids! I love to watch my kids being parents. It is another joy in life! It is pure blessings for Larry and I to watch them in action. We are so proud of the way they are living their life and being an example to their own kids.
Easter 2011 was a very SWEET holiday!


Ashley said...

I love all your picture updates! :) You have cute grandkids. ;) ;) I can say that, because it's TRUE!

karen said...

these pictures are absolutely beautiful! your four are as bright and cheery as colorful easter eggs!

i love all of the pictures...and really, the one of them not all looking at the camera catches the moment. so sweet.

and emma on that quilt on the bench. that should be in a magazine. or on your wall.

SO much to be thankful for!